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What is Almased?

Almased is a weight loss product which is designed to help you lose up to fifteen pounds in six weeks. It is also designed to help you lose fat and not muscle in a healthy and desired way. Of course, every weight loss product you find will advertise itself as an effective, safe, and healthy way to shed those unwanted pounds. As a consumer, you need to ask yourself what makes a specific product different.

What makes Almased different?

More than just a weight loss product, Almased uses a unique manufacturing process which ‘sets it apart from any other weight loss or Vial Nourishments on the market today.’ The three main ingredients in Almased (Soy, Skim milk yoghurt powder, and Honey enzymes) are fermented through a unique process and specially blended to create a soy-based protein powder.

Where does Almased come from?

Almased originated in Europe but since 1998 has been introduced into the American Market. As with all weight loss products, sales in the United States have grown exponentially as the median weight continues to rise.

Almased Conclusion

More than a soundly based ingredient foundation, Almased controls the process of weight loss from the beginning stages of the manufacturing process. Whether or not Almased will deliver the results you desire, you can be certain that the ingredients you consume are wholesome and natural.

If you don’t have the time or patience to experiment with a product such as Almased, keep reading to find out which products people like you have tried and tested and rated as the best bang for their buck. Each product is reviewed on safety, effectiveness, and overall value.


Tried Almased? Tell us what you think.

  1. Birgit Says:

    After trying several diets over the years, I had given up hope of ever getting rid of the spare tyres around my waste and hips. However, I came across Almased and thought I’d give it a try. It was the first diet which ever worked, and the weight actually stayed off. My diet is now one year ago, I had lost 15 kg within a few months and I have not gained anything since then despite of having pizza, hamburger, ice cream, chocolate and biscuits on my menu. I am not doing any exercise on a regular basis, apart from chasing after my 2 little children. Almased simply got my metabolism going and it is still going strong after having stopped drinking Almased about 9 months ago. All you need is the willpower to stick to your diet during the first couple of days, and it will work. And going through this diet actually teaches you a lot about healthy eating as well, which helps keeping the weight off.
    The only “disadvantage” of the diet was that I needed a complete new wardrobe, which I was quite happy to put up with!
    After reading the Editor’s comment, I would be interested to know why Almased is not recommened, as I could not find anything distinctively negative in the write-up about the product. Maybe somebody could enlighten me.

  2. Virgie Delgado Says:

    I tried almased after having 3 wisdom tooths pulled. Since I could not eat any solid food, I took almased as a nutritional supplement. After 2 weeks of drinking almased 3 times a day and vegetable broth (in between) I lost 10pds (which amazed me because I had tried so hard to loose weight by eating light nutritional meals and working out 3-4 times a week and could not shed a single pound)! I have not gained a single pound of those lost. And it was evident that the pounds shed were fat pounds. There are many reasons I highly recommend this product, eg. it tastes great, it keeps you filled till the next meal, it is Fast & conviniant to prepare, it does not affect your central nervous system, like diet pills do and it provides much needed food for the muscles. I would not recommend for anyone to experiment with diet pills as it can affect the chemical balance in the brain, which can lead to mental illnesses and mental imbalance. I cannot say enough about Almased, it is truely a reliable product!

  3. Pete Jordan Says:

    I did the Almased diet for just 1 week and lost 7 pounds and it has stayed off. Even though I was just getting around 750 calories a day from the diet plus the vegetable broth and the juice plus and calcium supplements, I never lacked energy which amazed me. In fact, during the 7 days of the diet, I worked full time and worked out 5 days in a row (Bikram hot yoga 3 times and 24 hour fitness 2 times). The diet just automatically converted my fat to glucose energy for my body’s demands. It amazed me.

    It’s been about one month and I am just started the almased diet up again for a week or two.


  4. norma belding Says:

    can you tell me what OTHER ingredents are in this product.?

  5. DESTINY Says:

    Almased, cant say enough about this product, I watched and felt my husband loose weight I tried it, and was doing good but fell off we have kids, and they need to eat, (I ate with them while he dieted)Also Pop Is my weakness, I love Dr.Pepper.. But here it is almost christmas and I want to make a change.. I can tell you I had no real side effect with almased.. I mixed it with an unsweetened apple juice I got from walmart, (By the Gallon) this was my mixer.. I dont care for the taste, or at least not with out a mixer. want to try something else for a mixer..Suggestions anyone??? I am currently 190lbs.. Fattest ever.. want to loose 30-40 lbs my first goal.. more from there maybe an additional 20lbs, but got to get here first. I am going back on the almased.. I purcased a Wii for the kids and me, I am planning on the wii fit, and looking in advancing from there with wii active and some of the other fitness programs the wii offers,to find the one that is best for me, and helps accomplish my goal. my goal is to drink the almased 3 times a day, but since it is a very low calorie (180) per serving. I will eat like a small salad at lunch, and a chicken salad, tuna salad, turkey salad, vegitable snacks, carrots, celery, cucumbers ect.. those kind of things, lots of plans for that christmss turkey..(lolol) I dont like the idea of not eating at all..(the super 2 week almased diet..)I will eat but it will be lite.. I am ordering 6 cans today. I found if you research there are numerous places on-line that offer it at a reasonable price, just search your engine, Do keep it in mind it takes a little searching, but some offer lower prices but kill you with the shipping.. (look for free shipping..) do a search almased free shipping or something see what comes up?? also almased best price, lowest price, ect.. do the research to get the best deal you feel comfortable with. Wish me Luck am saving this on my favorites will be here in a week or so, starting durring christmas vacation, will post back.. Stay tuned..

    We found it at local health food stores if you dont want to order on-line ranging from 29.50 up to 34.99 a can. have bought both ways on-line and from local.. prefer to save, hubby has used local store in between waiting on shipment.. hope this helps..talk to you soon, keep you posted. Destiny

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the the lens.

  7. Susan Says:

    what site did you find on the lie that was affordable.
    Thank You Susan

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