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AloeCran or AloeCrap?

Pretty much everyone has heard of putting aloe vera lotion on your skin after a day in the sun, and most have tasted the bitter-sweet tang of cranberry, but most have definitely not heard of drinking a combination of the two.  Can AloeCran really get you a healthier digestive system?

The Science of AloeCran

This is a fairly new product and one that isn’t particularly well-marketed.  Even so, the science makes sense. In each serving the mix contains:

  • Aloe vera leaf gel – 200 mg
  • Cranberry powder – 250 mg
  • Fibersol – 5 g
  • Malic acid/red algae – 200 mg
  • Stevia leaf – 70 mg (natural sweetener)
  • Luo Han Guo – 12 mg (natural sweetener)

The main purpose of aloe vera is to act as an antacid, though this isn’t particularly unique.  Cranberry juice and the red algae complex is known to contain a good amount of antioxidants.  The other main benefit here is a good source of fiber, which is the main thing which may contribute to a more healthy digestive system.  The natural sweeteners are good to see in place of sugar.

AloeCran Pros

  • Contains fiber and antioxidants
  • Natural sweeteners

AloeCran Cons

  • Fairly expensive for a basic drink mix ($25 per 30 serving container)
  • Nothing particularly special about the formula

Is AloeCran for You?

This is a pretty good product in the sense that it is a healthy source of fiber and antioxidants, but it doesn’t really stand out in terms of ingredients.  Yes, aloe/cranberry is a unique combination, but aloe isn’t any better a way of balancing pH levels than traditional antacid additives.  This is a decent product, but a little too low on value.  I don’t recommend it.

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