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Avesil Review

Avesil, one of the mass of diet products available online, has a pretty attractive little website. At first glance, it seems to be a pretty legitimate product. At second glance, a few important things show up on the radar, however.

Avesil Ingredients

As for the ingredients (by far the most important part of any product), you have to check the link at the bottom of the page to find just three ingredients:

• Green Tea (150 mg)
• Caffeine anhydrous (50 mg)
• Garcinia cambogia (1500 mg)

Though each of these ingredients are very common in the diet pill world, they are not the most potent ingredients on the market. The main ingredient here is Garcinia Cambogia, which contains Hydroxy Citric Acid (HCA), is supposed to help you burn more fat. However, the studies done on HCA were done on rats and there is not yet any proof that it will help humans.

Green tea and caffeine anhydrous, on the other hand, are both clinically proven ingredients that stimulate the metabolism to work harder and faster, burning more calories throughout the day. Even though this is true, we notice that there is not enough of each to actually cause weight loss. Unfortunately, this means that even though Avesil technically has green tea and caffeine, it might as well not have any at all.

Avesil’s Value

Price is where it comes crashing down for Avesil. Though the Avesil website only offers a “Risk-Free Trial,” what they want you to do is try a 30-day supply in 14 days. If you haven’t cancelled before the 14th day (cancelling can be a hassle with these companies), you’ll be charged $90 for another shipment. Yes, this is called an auto-ship trap. Don’t fall into it.

Should you try Avesil?

As this product does not have much research to back up its claims and is flagrantly trying to lure you into an auto-ship trap, we recommend that you don’t waste your time (not to mention your money) on Avesil.

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