Fenphedra Review


Fenphedra is taking the market by storm! Time after time, consumers turn to Fephedra to give them fast-acting, appetite suppressing results, and with its clinically proven formula, consumers are more likely to lose weight than dieting and exercising alone.

Fenphedra advertisements state that this seemingly ordinary diet pill will give you extraordinary results, working with your body’s hormones to keep your appetite under control. With Fenphedra, you can supposedly cut back on calories without feeling starved or deprived, and you may even experience a boost in mood.

While we can’t help but be a little impressed with Fenphedra’s presentation, we decided to look past the hype and the advertising and take a closer look inside Fenphedra’s formula. Can it really live up the claims?

How Does Fenphedra Work?

The ingredients in Fenphedra regulate the chemicals in the brain that affect hunger including CART (Cocaine-Amphetamine-Regulatory-Transcript) activators and NPY (Neuropeptide Y). Essentially, Fenphedra is one serious appetite killer. No appetite and no cravings can be beneficial to anyone who is trying to lose weight or bust through that weight loss plateau.

Fenphedra achieves this through a unique blend of all-natural ingredients such as dicaffeine malate, synephrine, and Phenylethylamine (PEA for short). Each of these ingredients are proven to promote a significant decrease in BMI while simultaneously enhancing energy levels and physical performance.

Not only will these ingredients help control the hormones CART and NPY, but they will even interact with the central nervous system to stimulate thermogenesis, increasing the body’s core temperature to burn more calories than ever before.

Additionally, Fenphedra relies on the ingredient Humulus Lupus, AKA Hops. While this herb is typically used as a sleep-aid (due to its ability to help the muscles relax), studies have shown that the unique alkaloid compounds found in Humulus Lupus can help improve the digestive system while acting as an antioxidant, eliminating harmful toxins and waste that may be slowing down your metabolism.

As an added bonus, PEA may even create a sense of euphoria that can help you feel great while you look great.

Fenphedra Side Effects

Fenphedra does contain some mild stimulants (dicaffeine malate, synephrine) so if you are sensitive to caffeine you may want to work Fenphedra slowly into your diet rather than jumping straight into the full dosage. Although dicaffeine malate is easier to digest than regular caffeine, many of the side effects still remain, including: dizziness, nausea, headaches, and jitters.

Should You Try Fenphedra?

There is an old saying – “You get what you pay for.” That saying holds true for diet supplements as well. This diet pill sells for $70 per bottle on Fenphedra’s official website, and though pricey, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best supplement that money can buy. The science behind the key ingredients should allow you to control your hunger and workout with the energy you need to really lose weight and burn fat.

Fenphedra is backed by a risk-free satisfaction guarantee, and if you don’t like your results, you can simply return it for a full refund. Why wouldn’t you try Fenphedra? The only thing you have to lose is the weight!

  • Kyia

    how come 16 of these comments are from a Martha? just curious as to their authenticity……

  • Emily

    All of those comments are from the same person. :/

  • Emily

    I have lost 2.8 kilos in 3 days! :D I’m very happy with this product. Although it doesn’t suppress my appetite as much as I thought it would, and it makes me dizzy.

  • My name is MARTHA!

    Gee look at all the Martha’s on here… They all flocked to the section when they heard it was a Martha dieting bogus party!

  • Kaz

    I’m on day one of taking Fenphedra and to be honest I have felt hungry all day! My stomach was literally growling every couple of hours. why?? I don’t have an energy rush either. Hoping this will kick in better tomorrow??

  • Jmcgoughjr

    Wow.. evidently you have to be named martha for this drug to work.. bogus much?

  • JD

    If you are 60lbs over weight or were, and you have been taking it for a couple of months or more and have only lost 10 lbs, the answer is simple. I think to many people get “going” to the gym confused with just doing something that actually burns calories.. Dont worry about going to the gym! If most people had that kind of discipline they wouldnt be fat to start with.. Start with something simpler. The way you eat is key. Truth is, if you didnt change what you eat,, but only drank water with your meals instead of soft drinks, you would lose more weight than 10 lbs in a couple of months. I’m not here to promote or discount any product, but i can tell you how to lose weight in a way that is a hell of a lot faster than you have said in your posts and it is pretty simple. Now heres the hard part.. (You have to do it) You cant just start and then get lost in the fantasy that you’re going to lose weight now. Because you cant “will” it to be gone, you have to stay on top of it. 1. Forget about working out. That should not be a main focus. If you ever really feel like walking or something then go. 2. take whatever diet suppliment you feel good about. (Now im not promoting subway either but its just cheaper than buying all the stuff to eat healthy and fresh at home, so->) 3. Eat subway, BUT ONLY GET a Tuna, Turkey or Veggie NO MEAT BALL and all that crap. Get only the sandwich no chips and only water. Here is what you should shoot for ultimately, and it will go against everything you have heard. But if everything everybody has always heard was the truth then everybody wouldnt be so fat, just think about it.. These diet companies dont really want you to lose much weight, that would put them out of business. OK Shoot for-> one meal a day. But to start out. Get a 12″ Tuna and pile on as much veggies as you can! When they stop ask them if they could add some extra green peppers or lettuce or other veggie. Make sure its huge! Every night that you are really hungry get TUNA, nights that you’re not as hungry get Turkey. And alway get a 12″ if you’re hungry dont try to cut back. If you’re staving for lunch try to get either a 6″ veggie or 6″ turkey or if you need to a 12″ veggie.. Im going to tell you something else that most people would say dont do.. Eat supper just shortly before going to bed. Because nobody burns off the supper calories before bedtime anyway. And going to bed shortly after you eat will help prevent you from staying up until you get hungry again and then you end up eating some high calorie junk right before bed. Another thing thats very important, for the dressing get only LITE MAYO and a SMALL BIT OF HONEY MUSTARD…. NEVER GET RANCH AND ALL THE OTHER STUFF… If you stick to this for 3 months everyday and I mean dont drink anything but water for 3 months with these sandwiches and at the end of three months you will have averaged losing a half pound per day. Get your meals to only one 12″ tuna sandwich a day as soon as you can and you could lose as much as 45lbs in the next 90 days. Even 45lbs in the next 4 months would be great. Good luck and it really is simple..

  • Rina

    I’m very intrested in trying Fenphedra….Where can I buy it in South Africa?

  • James

    its funny how most of the posts by customers are called MARTHA bit weird isnt it lol wat a load of bull martha stick to one story

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