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Fenphedra is taking the market by storm! Time after time, consumers turn to Fephedra to give them fast-acting, appetite suppressing results, and with its clinically proven formula, you are more likely to lose weight than dieting and exercising alone.

Fenphedra advertisements state that this seemingly ordinary diet pill will give you extraordinary results, working with your body’s hormones to keep your appetite under control. With Fenphedra, you can supposedly cut back on calories without feeling starved or deprived, and you may even experience a boost in mood.

While we can’t help but be a little impressed with Fenphedra’s presentation, we decided to look past the hype and the advertising and take a closer look inside Fenphedra’s formula. Can it really live up the claims?

How Does Fenphedra Work?

The ingredients in Fenphedra regulate the chemicals in the brain that affect hunger including CART (Cocaine-Amphetamine-Regulatory-Transcript) activators and NPY (Neuropeptide Y). Essentially, Fenphedra is one serious appetite killer. No appetite and no cravings can be beneficial to anyone who is trying to lose weight or bust through that weight loss plateau.

Fenphedra achieves this through a unique blend of all-natural ingredients such as dicaffeine malate, synephrine, and Phenylethylamine (PEA for short). Each of these ingredients are proven to promote a significant decrease in BMI while simultaneously enhancing energy levels and physical performance.

Not only will these ingredients help control the hormones CART and NPY, but they will even interact with the central nervous system to stimulate thermogenesis, increasing the body’s core temperature to burn more calories than ever before.

Additionally, Fenphedra relies on the ingredient Humulus Lupus, AKA Hops. While this herb is typically used as a sleep-aid (due to its ability to help the muscles relax), studies have shown that the unique alkaloid compounds found in Humulus Lupus can help improve the digestive system while acting as an antioxidant, eliminating harmful toxins and waste that may be slowing down your metabolism.

As an added bonus, PEA may even create a sense of euphoria that can help you feel great while you look great.

Fenphedra Side Effects

Fenphedra does contain some mild stimulants (dicaffeine malate, synephrine) so if you are sensitive to caffeine you may want to work Fenphedra slowly into your diet rather than jumping straight into the full dosage.

Although dicaffeine malate is easier to digest than regular caffeine, many of the side effects still remain, including: dizziness, nausea, headaches, and jitters.

Should You Try Fenphedra?

There is an old saying – “You get what you pay for.” That saying holds true for diet supplements as well. This diet pill sells for $70 per bottle on Fenphedra’s official website, and though pricey, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best supplement that money can buy. The science behind the key ingredients allow you to control your hunger and workout with the energy you need to really lose weight and burn fat.

Fenphedra is backed by a risk-free satisfaction guarantee, and if you don’t like your results, you can simply return it for a full refund. Why wouldn’t you try Fenphedra? The only thing you have to lose is the weight!
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Tried Fenphedra? Tell us what you think.

  1. Martha Says:

    Losing weight has always been a struggle for me. I wish it was as easy as cooking is. Some people have their talent in some areas and some in others. Unfortunately mine is in cooking and my weakness not coincidentally is in gaining weight.

    With Fenphedra though, I feel like I have a fighting chance. I get up and take a pill and then go workout. I feel like it helps with my cravings while letting me enjoy all the food that was eating before. I have lost 20 pounds in three months and I don’t think that would have been remotely possible without the help of Fenphedra.

    I would recommend it to everyone in the world. If you want to lose weight, it is the pill to buy!

  2. Kimber Stansfield Says:

    Fenphedra has gotten me some pretty good results. I have definitely had more energy lately. I have lost about ten pounds in a month and should continue losing weight. I had a really good experience with Lipovox about two years ago when I lost nearly thirty pounds. I have used it since to keep the weight off, but am looking for one of the newer pills to really burn some fat.

    My brother recommended Fenphedra saying he lost over thirty pounds using the pill. He does look a lot thinner, but I don’t know about thirty pounds. I hope it keeps working for me. I haven’t felt any negative side effects from the caffeine either so that is good.

    Remember, this stuff is no substitute for a good diet and lots of exercise.


  3. Josh Says:

    Besides being on the expensive side, I really don’t have many complaints about Fenphedra. I burned fat and got back into shape. I really can’t say anymore. Just a warning though, it is an intense pill and you will feel it. It actually made me sick the first day I took it but after that I was fine.

  4. miguel ramos Says:

    fenphedra has been solid up to this point. i have only had it for two weeks but the energy i get from taking it is unlike any other pill i have ever taken. what makes me curious is how they fenphedra gives so much energy without the side effects. as far as shedding the pounds is concerned i weight 184 compared to 191 when i started taking it. not bad but i am hoping to lose more.

  5. anon. Says:

    I got Fenphedra when it first came out on market. I ended up losing about 12 pounds over three months. I decided to try something else as I wanted more results, I mean, hell, I am still 60 pounds over weight. I tried hydroxycut and alli but too be honest Fenphedra blows those out of the water. i didn’t even notice a damn difference with hydroxycut. i am going to try one more bottle of something else and if that doenst work i’ll probably go back to fenphedra. i’ll let you guys know

  6. estel Says:

    i like fenpheda. i begin taking it for months ago. i look on the internet and it tell me that i can lose wieght. i wnat to lose weight and so i buy it. i can’t go to the gym much but i do go on walks with the dog and after a while i see that i am losing weight. i lose 10 pounds and i am still taking it. i am very happy

  7. Cathy Says:


  8. Ellen Hartgrove Says:

    Dear Consumers,

    This product, Fenphedra, is a quality product. I own my own book store so I know how important it is to provide a good product to the customers. I have been nothing but pleased with Fenphedra. I have had plenty of energy to do everything I need to do during the day and that is a big improvement over where I was before I started using Fenphedra.

    I also thought it was interesting above where they said Fenphedra regulates different chemicals in the brain because I have felt more alert. In my opinion, this is a product worth buying.

  9. steven Says:

    Without exercising or changing my eating habits, I have lost nearly 10 pounds of taking Fenphedra within a week. Imagine what I am going to lose once I get more disciplined. I am a college student and so finding the time can be tough but next semester I am signed up for an exercise class and that should help. It is awesome to have a pill that can do the work on its own though.

  10. jeff Says:

    has anyone had any negative experiences with fenphedra? i have seen all these reviews of people liking it but i have just boughten to many crappy products to take chances.

  11. Nancy Burgess Says:

    Fenphedra is an excellent choice. I don’t know if I can say it is the best because Fenphedra is the only pill besides an acai one that i have ever tried. it blows the acai crap i bought right out of the water.

    I didn’t like it at first because I had trouble falling to sleep at night but then I realized that I should be taking it during the day and not the night. After that I fell in love with it.

    It really gives me motivation to go to the gym and eat right because I actually feel for once that I will be able to lose weight. I am down four sizes which is no easy feat.

    I was scared that the weight was going to come back but to this point I have just kept losing it

  12. Alisha H. Says:

    I have been on Fenphedra for two months now and it has literally changed my life! Keeping off the weight has always been a difficulty for me. It seems like would I gain double the weight from eating than working out. That all changed when I got Fenphedra.
    A friend told me about it and so I decided to buy it. To be honest I thought I would just end up getting my money back. Boy, was I wrong! From the first day of taking Fenphedra I have noticed a big difference. Within the first three weeks I had lost almost 15 pounds which is astronomical for me. I have kept it up and now two months later i am down 23 pounds. Thank you Fenphedra!

  13. Janet Says:

    Fenphedra helped me lose the weight I gained with my second child. They say that with each child you bear, losing the weight gets harder. I didn’t notice that at all taking Fenphedra.

    I started taking it 9 weeks after I went through labor and I was back to my pre-pregnacy weight two months later. It took me a few days to get used to the caffeine rush. I am probably going to buy another bottle and see if I can lose even more weight. I recommend Fenphedra!

  14. evelyn roe Says:

    fenphedra wasn’t my favorite. i really wanted to lose 10 pounds but after three weeks i had only lost three pounds. that isn’t good enough especially when you tout yourself to be the best in the world.
    i also didn’t like the energy rush i would get when i would take it. it just got annoying after a while. after three weeks i just sent the bottle in and got a refund.

  15. jsmith45@gmail.com Says:

    i was wondering if anyone out there has had any side effects taking Fenphedra? I have had problems with a lot of these pills because they give me the headaches and make me feel all nervous. Feel free to email me.

  16. Bill Mcaffee Says:

    I have had better pills than Fenphedra. I didn’t really like it. I feel that you can make a better diet pill without making it so intense. I mean really, each time I took it I felt like I had just ate 12 cubes of sugar. I did lose about five pounds but the intenseness of it just made it annoying. I finally just got my money back

  17. Monica Reed Says:

    Fenphedra has the fastest shipping time out of all the pills I have bought so far. Some have been really annoying taking almost a month. Today is my third day taking it and I can really start to feel the difference. I feel amped about losing weight.

    I haven’t weighed myself quite yet because I am nervous that I would have not lost any weight but I am confident that I am losing some. I can feel it.

  18. Sandra Pennington Says:

    After hitting the 200 on the scale for the first time in my life I knew I needed a change. I told myself Sandra, I know you’ve gotten done with a rotten divorce, I know you work a lot but you need to get your weight back in control. I made a goal to get to 165 within a year.
    I am happy to say that I have lost even more than that. I weighed myself last Friday and I weighed 155. Incredible. I have been using Fenphedra every step of the way.
    What I did is I first looked online to find the best way to lose weight, I got a gym pass, and I bought Fenphedra, and I started losing weight. I feel great and more confident than I have been in a long time. I even get asked out on the occasional date.

  19. Mary Says:

    I was just wondering if you can purchase this product in any store in Canada? If so could you please tell me where. thank you



  21. Brent Joseph Says:

    This is how I would rank Fenphedra on a scale. I just finished a bottle of it. I have taken a few supplements and I have done my research so I know my stuff.

    Side Effects- 6/10. Like it says if you’re sensitive to caffeiene, this might not be for you but if you like energy it is really good.

    Energy- 10/10. There isn’t a pill on the market that will give you more energy than Fenphedra.

    Potency-9/10 Fenphedra helped me lose 12 pounds. I really don’t have any complaints about it.

    Overall-8/10 Fenphedra is one of the better pills that I have tried.

  22. Mary Says:

    Fenphedra is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have tried dieting to lose weight for fifteen years. Who knew that all I needed was a diet pill. I feel rejuvenated and I feel 20 years younger.

    My husband has really been able to tell the difference. I am actually buying a bottle for him right now and I hope it does the same thing that it did for me. LOL!

    I am going to take Fenphedra until the day I die. I love Fenphedra!

  23. B Says:

    Hi I have just baught my first bottle and I am waiting for it to come and I am a little nervous about taking it. It cost me and I am desperate to loose weight and I done want to be let dow by a slimming pill again! Has any one got any tips on how to get the best results out of Fenphedra?

  24. Charis Says:

    Thanks for the reviews! I recently had a baby (January)…and before pregnancy I used hydroxycut and had used it for years and worked great! But since the recall re: liver damage, I needed to look for a new supplement. Just finished nursing and even though I go running and excercise daily, still around 30 lbs overweight…I WILL try Fenphedra! I’ll be happy with my goal weight of 140lbs by July 4.

    Will keep you posted!

  25. username Says:

    Are these comments for real?

  26. Susan Says:

    I received my bottle of Fenphedra yesterday and started with it today. I have high hopes but right now I just feel crummy! Since this morning when I first took it I’ve gotten a headache, have felt nauseated, made many potty breaks and felt dizzy. I’m still going to give it a few more days because I paid $75 for it and because I want very much want it to work .

    I’ll post in a few days to let you know if it gets any better.

    Here’s to hoping!! Feel free to email me with suggestions, questions or comments: q.suzieq@sbcglobal.net

  27. Vegas Bound Says:

    Here is what I found:

    Question: I found a product called Fenphedra on EBAY. It claims to be a hardcore weight loss supplement. Is it really hardcore? Does it really work? Do you recommend it?

    Answer: After researching Fenphedra, I can tell you that there is absolutely no evidence or verifiable proof that substantiates the claims of effectiveness of Fenphedra.

    The claims they make are absolutely ridiculous, and aren’t justified by anything even remotely resembling scientific evidence. If you think Fenphedra is the elusive magic pill that will allow you to eat whatever you want, never exercise and still shed the pounds, you may as well stop reading now. In fact, you may as well stop browsing the web, because it doesn’t exist.

    Fenphedra contains neosynephrine which has numerous side effects. It causes anxiety, nervousness, jitters, tremors, accelerated heart rate, increased blood pressure, among others. This coupled with the other ingredients in this product lead to increased incidences of adverse effects.

  28. Still hungry Says:

    I just want it to curb my appetite. I’m not looking for a miracle. Can any of the users tell me if it decreases their appetite? Or does is just give you energy.

  29. Bernarita Says:

    Has anyone compared Fenphedra to Apidexin ??????? I’m not 100% sure which one to try. I do need to lose alot of weight and need some help besides my low carb and excercise plan. I need the extra kick of energy and an appetite supressant but I don’t want to strain my heart!

  30. jenni Says:

    hi, i used fenphedra a few years back and it defianately does what it says on the tin,i was only taking 1 pill a day (in the morning) and i lost 7 pounds in the 1st week of taking them,i then carried on taking them, didnt loose as much the following weeks, but my weight carried on going down, which i was happy about. a few years have past and within that time i have had a daughter and as most women know u gain a few pounds,im going to be a bridesmaid in a months time and as for tomorrow im going to start back on the fenphedra pills and im most possitive i will be happy with the results in a months times, i will keep u posted.

  31. renolove Says:

    I have tried fenphedra for 3 days now. I have found out that I have a little more energy than I use to. But not overly energy like everyone is stating on here.I have weighted myself and I’m still my org weight. Do I feel like its working??? No. But I will cont to use it for my 30 day trail to see what happens. After all it has only been 3 days. I will keep you guys updated if they keep my comments posted.

  32. jazzi Says:

    I want to try!

  33. janet Says:

    omg! this pill sounds good I really want to try fenphedra i want to have lots of energy so i can loose the weight once i try it im going to tell you guys all about it!

  34. Kate Says:

    This Fenphedra pill sounds like it is addictive… does anyone know if it has proven to be addictive. Also, does anyone know if it can be taken along with other medications such as those for epilepsy or depression/anxiety?

  35. Curious Says:

    how hard is it to post a testimonial here?

  36. Skeptical Says:

    Someone who is already fit, muscular but has around 10 lbs, some stored fat on hips and legs.

    Does it really attack stored fat and keep lean muscle or have anyone notice that their skin get flabby.

    Also, very skeptical on the ingredients. Cocaine? This is a drug, is this even legal to sale it in a diet pill? Sounds like it may be addictive as well and not so healthy for the body.

    Please comment, anyone out there to tell the truth?

  37. someone Says:

    I wonder if this is all true?

  38. veronica Says:

    will using this product help lose belly fat?

  39. Bhelyn Says:

    I wonder it too, if it’s all true….Because only the person can loose weight if they know how to motivate their eating habits and learn to eat Healthy foods…And do exercise!

  40. Angel Says:

    All the comments sound great! However, Im still so skeptical….I really want to try fenphedra mainly to give my body the energy it needs to get all that needs to be done each day. I’m extremely busy and just run out of gas towards the end of the day. I dont want the feeling of gitterness, dizzy, ect, just the energy lol…Has anyone had any negative effects taking this product? Would love to hear….

  41. ALL IS TRUE Says:

    im in the military and have always been tapped (waist and neck) cause i have always been over the allowed weight for my height. i went from 210 to 182 in a span of 2 months taking fenphedra. this is the real deal! we get drug tested regularly and so far i have never “pissed hot” so i doubt there is cocaine in this product.

  42. Lindsay Says:

    I am confused,…people are saying they got their money back but it seems to me the policy on their website is you can’t return a bottle once it is open?

  43. Nate Says:

    Hey can anyone tell me if they’ve tried this and needed to lose like 30 pounds and it worked for them in two months?

  44. L_rasblue Says:

    I have high blood pressure. Is this stuff safe. I do drink coffee but with the extra caffeine in this I guess I’m a little worried about the safety.

  45. Miche Says:

    why is everyone called Martha

  46. Bob Higgins Says:


  47. Bob Higgins Says:

    Utter bullshit

  48. Bob Higgins Says:

    And false claims

  49. Anonymous Says:

    Now that it is 2011, How many pounds have you lost Martha? The reason I asked is because I am so scared to try this. And I need to know what about this diet pill makes everyone want to buy it. Have you ever heard of Sensa, If you have, have you tried this one?

  50. Arias0721 Says:

    Does this pill make you feel like you had 8 cups of coffee. I hate that feeling!! I’m going to try it and see how I do on them. : )

  51. Kyia Says:

    how come 16 of these comments are from a Martha? just curious as to their authenticity……

  52. Emily Says:

    All of those comments are from the same person. :/

  53. Emily Says:

    I have lost 2.8 kilos in 3 days! :D I’m very happy with this product. Although it doesn’t suppress my appetite as much as I thought it would, and it makes me dizzy.

  54. My name is MARTHA! Says:

    Gee look at all the Martha’s on here… They all flocked to the section when they heard it was a Martha dieting bogus party!

  55. Kaz Says:

    I’m on day one of taking Fenphedra and to be honest I have felt hungry all day! My stomach was literally growling every couple of hours. why?? I don’t have an energy rush either. Hoping this will kick in better tomorrow??

  56. Jmcgoughjr Says:

    Wow.. evidently you have to be named martha for this drug to work.. bogus much?

  57. JD Says:

    If you are 60lbs over weight or were, and you have been taking it for a couple of months or more and have only lost 10 lbs, the answer is simple. I think to many people get “going” to the gym confused with just doing something that actually burns calories.. Dont worry about going to the gym! If most people had that kind of discipline they wouldnt be fat to start with.. Start with something simpler. The way you eat is key. Truth is, if you didnt change what you eat,, but only drank water with your meals instead of soft drinks, you would lose more weight than 10 lbs in a couple of months. I’m not here to promote or discount any product, but i can tell you how to lose weight in a way that is a hell of a lot faster than you have said in your posts and it is pretty simple. Now heres the hard part.. (You have to do it) You cant just start and then get lost in the fantasy that you’re going to lose weight now. Because you cant “will” it to be gone, you have to stay on top of it. 1. Forget about working out. That should not be a main focus. If you ever really feel like walking or something then go. 2. take whatever diet suppliment you feel good about. (Now im not promoting subway either but its just cheaper than buying all the stuff to eat healthy and fresh at home, so->) 3. Eat subway, BUT ONLY GET a Tuna, Turkey or Veggie NO MEAT BALL and all that crap. Get only the sandwich no chips and only water. Here is what you should shoot for ultimately, and it will go against everything you have heard. But if everything everybody has always heard was the truth then everybody wouldnt be so fat, just think about it.. These diet companies dont really want you to lose much weight, that would put them out of business. OK Shoot for-> one meal a day. But to start out. Get a 12″ Tuna and pile on as much veggies as you can! When they stop ask them if they could add some extra green peppers or lettuce or other veggie. Make sure its huge! Every night that you are really hungry get TUNA, nights that you’re not as hungry get Turkey. And alway get a 12″ if you’re hungry dont try to cut back. If you’re staving for lunch try to get either a 6″ veggie or 6″ turkey or if you need to a 12″ veggie.. Im going to tell you something else that most people would say dont do.. Eat supper just shortly before going to bed. Because nobody burns off the supper calories before bedtime anyway. And going to bed shortly after you eat will help prevent you from staying up until you get hungry again and then you end up eating some high calorie junk right before bed. Another thing thats very important, for the dressing get only LITE MAYO and a SMALL BIT OF HONEY MUSTARD…. NEVER GET RANCH AND ALL THE OTHER STUFF… If you stick to this for 3 months everyday and I mean dont drink anything but water for 3 months with these sandwiches and at the end of three months you will have averaged losing a half pound per day. Get your meals to only one 12″ tuna sandwich a day as soon as you can and you could lose as much as 45lbs in the next 90 days. Even 45lbs in the next 4 months would be great. Good luck and it really is simple..

  58. Rina Says:

    I’m very intrested in trying Fenphedra….Where can I buy it in South Africa?

  59. James Says:

    its funny how most of the posts by customers are called MARTHA bit weird isnt it lol wat a load of bull martha stick to one story

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