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Fuze Slenderize

Around the country, Fuze drinks are becoming increasingly popular. Known for their unique flavors, fun labels, and affordability, Fuze drinks have made quite a splash.

As with all popular products, the manufacturers of Fuze are working to expand into other markets and explore Fuze’s potential in the weight loss market. The Slenderize line of drinks by this manufacturer are the “diet” offering in an increasingly weight-conscious America. What does Slenderize use to assert that it will help you to lose weight? Is is as effective as weight loss pills like Apidexin?

The Formula

The inevitable catch with so many diet drinks is that they don’t taste as good as the regular version. That may be up for debate with this new version of Fuze, but the ingredients it relies on for its “diet” appeal are:

Vitamin C – 100%: A vital element for many bodily functions, including helping to keep metabolism steady.
Chromium – 15%: Turns fats and carbohydrates into energy.
Super Citrimax – 200 mg: Uses natural ingredients to suppress appetite.
L-Carnitine – 20 mg: Helps the body turn fat into energy.

And of course, to keep the whole drink to about 10 Calories, Splenda is the sweetener of choice. Vitamin C and Chromium are pretty common, but you may be curious about Carnitine and Citrimax. 

Citrimax contains garcinia cambogia, which is an ingredient in many herbal appetite suppressants. In spite of its common use, it has no scientific evidence for effectiveness.  Carnitine has some health benefits as it acts as an antioxidant and may help improve glucose disposal.  In any case, it has little application to weight loss other than allowing toxins to be removed from the body.

Slenderize – A Diet Solution?

Though this drink is fairly healthy and low in calories, it is by no means a good means for losing weight. That is, if you are looking to shed legitimate pounds, this would not be the cure-all solution.  This product may not add much to your weight but, unless you combine it with other types of multivitamin or weight loss supplements and a regular exercise plan, it will likely make no difference.

Also, it may only be effective as part of a system of motivators for weight loss.


In price these drinks are reasonable, ranging from $1 to $2.50 depending on whether you buy them in bulk or by themselves at a convenience store.  The taste may be different than what you are used to with other Fuze drinks, but that may be due to the use of Splenda rather than sugar? 

As far as other types of juice drinks are concerned, Fuze: Slenderize may be a better option because it does not have sugar and increases the amount of Vitamin C it uses, but will not actively promote weight loss.

Slenderize may be beneficial to help curb cravings for sweeter drinks as part of a completely healthy diet, but will not work toward helping you shed pounds if it is used by itself. In conclusion, Fuze: Slenderize may be fine to drink, but it is not a solution to excess weight.

Better bets may be made with top-rated products like Apidexin, which has been top rated for a reason!

Tried Fuze Slenderize? Tell us what you think.

  1. SUZY Says:


  2. michelle Says:

    heard the product waas great

  3. Teddybear23430 Says:

    been having a hard time finding my flavor. any ideas where i can find the pomegranate one

  4. guest Says:

    Walmart has the pomegranate one

  5. Hreon Says:

    I’m having a hard time seing why chromium is added while it is a recognized human carcinogen…

  6. Spyrortega Says:

    I dont why cause there stupid

  7. Bonnie Frary Says:

    where can we buy slenderize fuze with the blueberries noone stocks them and why is that

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