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What is Lipitone?

Lipitone is a fat blocker. A Fat Blocker works to prohibit your body from absorbing the fat content contained in the daily foods that you eat. By letting the fats pass through your body, you keep the excess weight you would have gained out of your body and where it belongs – in the toilet.

Does Lipitone Really Work?

According to the Lipitone website, “Lipitone Advanced has been shown to block up to 28.3% of the fat in food from being absorbed, and 50% of the carbs. Plus the metabolic stimulants in the product will give you a noticeable energy boost!” It then goes on to say something very eye-catching: “So if you eat right, exercise, and take Lipitone Advanced… your chances of losing weight just got better!”

Newsflash – proper dieting (eating right) and exercise will cause you to lose weight with or without a diet supplement. Comically, they add that “your chances of losing weight just got better!” Chances. Do you want the chance to lose weight, or do you actually want to lose it?

How much does Lipitone Cost?

Whenever you find anything on the internet that offers a “Free Trial” or in the case of Lipitone a “Risk Free Supply” know that in this life – nothing is for free. Nine times out of ten, “Free Trials” turn into automatic shipments and consequently automatic charges to your credit card.

Lipitone uses a roundabout way to put their product in your hands, out of which your name, e-mail and phone number is requested. Without supplying such information, I cannot tell you what to expect to pay for Lipitone.

Lipitone Conclusion

To find a fat blocker that actually works is a real gem. On the same note, a fat blocker that actually worked would sell itself and there would be no need for a “Risk Free Supply.” That being said, Lipitone does a mediocre job at placing confidence in their product by merely stating that “your chances of losing weight just got better!”

To avoid the frustration of trial and error, keep reading below to find out which products have been top rated by consumers like you, products which confidently deliver the results you’re looking for.

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  1. Glen Says:

    It’s funny how you down Lipitone by the fact that they mention Risk Free Supply and the products you support have the same risk free supply offer!!!

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