Lipofuze “Clinically tested ingredients get your body in shape,” says the Lipofuze official website.

The site makes this claim because Lipofuze contains clinically tested ingredients. And the company recently added 2 new ingredients to the formula.

Lipofuze was effective before. It not only contained tested ingredients, but had tested dosages as well. I was skeptical when I first learned about the changes. After all, why fix something that isn’t broken?

Let’s analyze the new ingredients and see if the company’s decision to change Lipofuze was a good one.

Lipofuze Ingredients

Lipofuze used to have Chromax and green tea. But the company swapped these out for caffeine anhydrous and green coffee bean extract.

CoQ10 (50 mg) enhances metabolism and ATP production. Both processes are critical for energy production. But enhancing metabolism may also promote weight loss. Another benefit is that CoQ10 protect cells and eradicates toxins.

Caffeine Anhydrous (200 mg) causes the body to burn calories faster. The intended result is heat production, but fat loss is a significant side benefit. Caffeine anhydrous weakens cravings, improves focus, and boosts energy levels, too.[1]

African Mango Seed Extract (150 mg) increases leptin and adiponectin. Leptin boosts metabolism and reduces appetite. Adiponectin breaks apart fat cells, burns fat, and regulates glucose metabolism. Study participants lost more than 28 lbs. after taking African mango seed extract.[2]

GreenSelect Phytosome Green Tea (150 mg) lowers blood sugar levels. As a result, it decreases the risk for diabetes and lessens carbohydrate cravings. GreenSelect Phytosome Green Tea contains catechins and caffeine, which burn a significant amount of fat. In one study, people who took GreenSelect Phytosome Green Tea lost 30 lbs. in 90 days.[3]

Green Coffee Bean Extract (200 mg) contains the antioxidant chlorogenic acid. It has a lot more chlorogenic acid than roasted coffee beans, which is why coffee drinkers don’t get the fat loss benefits. Besides burning fat, chlorogenic acid slows glucose release and curbs cravings.[4]

Research shows Lipofuze contains the clinically proven dosages. To get the right amounts, take 2 servings daily.

Any Concerns?

Lipofuze is a diet supplement with only all-natural ingredients and should not cause you any harmful, adverse, or toxic side effects.

However, if you are sensitive to caffeine, you may experience mild side effects from using Lipofuze. Common side effects caused by caffeine are usually restlessness, insomnia, and headaches.

Lipofuze Price

Lipofuze is available for purchase on the official website in a number of different pricing and quantity options. A one-month supply of Lipofuze can be purchased for $49.95. With the two-month supply Lipofuze begins to offer a price break and it can be purchased for $89.95. A three-month supply costs $129.95 and a five-month supply costs $174.95.

By purchasing Lipofuze through the official website you’ll be backed by a 90-day money back guarantee in the unlikely event it doesn’t work for you.

Overall Impression

We have no doubts Lipofuze is a good diet supplement and are confident it would be a good choice as a diet supplement for your weight loss goals. It has the ability to help you burn fat and calories and you will most likely experience a significant decrease in appetite when you use Lipofuze. It is considered to be safe and most users will not experience side effects.

However, as with many dietary supplements we recommend speaking with your healthcare professional before using Lipofuze.


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  • workin for me

    Did you use it correctly? It says to drink with water and eat a half hour later…. I did not use it right a couple x’s and got heartburn too… so I just took it correctly :)

  • George

    I have taken the product for a few days, which took it the way it said 30 min before meals. I had belching and continuous heart burn, palpitations, just felt all around yucky. Seriously contemplating sending it back. does the feeling ever subdue because I will suffer through it.

  • IMER

    I have been taking Lipofuze for a week now but have also been running half an hour every other day and i have lost 5 pounds. That being said, I noticed that if I didnt drink the recommended amount of water or didnt eat with in 40 mins of taking the pill, I felt like crap! So, the pill does work, BUT FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!

  • Epic3170

    Today was the first pill I took. I hope I see results from this product because previous diet pills I’ve used never seem to do much. This pill does not make me feel jumpy or nervous like other diet pills. It hasn’t bothered my stomach or head like some other people. It all depends on the person. I have done my research on this product and the ingredients in it seem to be unique from other diet pills, which is why I was curious to try it out.

  • Brad Lombardo

    I have been using lipofuze since June 2011. I went from 195lbs to 165lbs in 3 months and have kept if off with ease every since. It is now January 2012 and I remained within the 162-166lb range. It certainly worked with 0 side effects and 100% in results

  • Nikki2793

    I have been taking it for about a week now, I see people saying it makes them feel bad, They must not know how to read directions because as long as you take it as directed no problems at all.
    I have not weighed myself But I look and feel lighter!

  • violet

    i am 57kg and i am 173cm tall, how much do you think i can lose on lipofuze if i eat healthy, and exercise within a month ?

  • l2emix

    I finished my 3 day detox and started the diet supplement the other day. I took the 2 capsules as recommended about 1/2 hr before I ate and drank about 2 cups of water and a 3rd cup with my meal. didn’t feel any oddities just woke up a bit more than usual. Went to the gym for the first time in 2 years. Thought I would only last 1/2 an hr there. I was there for 1.5 hrs and was still energized when I left That’s a big surprise since I’m a lazy person and I smoke. Later, I repeated what I did in the morning, went to the gym and worked out for about 2 hrs. It definitely gives you energy. Who knows, it could be a placebo effect if anything, but that caffeine in there really kicks in like a pitcher of coffee without the crash. Everyone needs to find the right diet for themselves. I only started this with my goal because I’m the guinea pig on my friend’s. I doubt anyone would lose 10lbs in 7days unless they starved and only drank water while intensely working out. I honestly think the side effects are there, but if you properly take the supplements as recommended on the label, the heartburn will become just warm, heartrate being fast will let you know to burn some energy, and that sick feeling probably means recommendation of how to take the pill was not the right amount for everyone.

    Not really selling the product or trying to flatter it too much. I even think in the back of my head it’s probably a placebo pill with a bunch of grass stuck in it. Who knows. But there seems to be a bunch of people who actually say it works. They probably felt the side effects but don’t mention it because they don’t care about it as much because they saw results in the end.

    I’m going to stick to it until I actually get an emergency where I’m vomiting, having bad diarrhea, can’t breath, have horrible spasms, or something along those lines.

  • Haylee

    where do you buy them?

  • Khughey58

    I took this after having my daughter and it definitely works if you follow the instructions. For people who wasn’t sure where to get it for the absolute best price order it off Ebay, that’s what I did. I need to lose 20lbs in 4 months and I’m gonna order another couple months supply today.

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