Lipofuze “Clinically tested ingredients get your body in shape,” says the Lipofuze official website.

The site makes this claim because Lipofuze contains clinically tested ingredients. And the company recently added 2 new ingredients to the formula.

Lipofuze was effective before. It not only contained tested ingredients, but had tested dosages as well. I was skeptical when I first learned about the changes. After all, why fix something that isn’t broken?

Let’s analyze the new ingredients and see if the company’s decision to change Lipofuze was a good one.

Lipofuze Ingredients

Lipofuze used to have Chromax and green tea. But the company swapped these out for caffeine anhydrous and green coffee bean extract.

CoQ10 (50 mg) enhances metabolism and ATP production. Both processes are critical for energy production. But enhancing metabolism may also promote weight loss. Another benefit is that CoQ10 protect cells and eradicates toxins.

Caffeine Anhydrous (200 mg) causes the body to burn calories faster. The intended result is heat production, but fat loss is a significant side benefit. Caffeine anhydrous weakens cravings, improves focus, and boosts energy levels, too.[1]

African Mango Seed Extract (150 mg) increases leptin and adiponectin. Leptin boosts metabolism and reduces appetite. Adiponectin breaks apart fat cells, burns fat, and regulates glucose metabolism. Study participants lost more than 28 lbs. after taking African mango seed extract.[2]

GreenSelect Phytosome Green Tea (150 mg) lowers blood sugar levels. As a result, it decreases the risk for diabetes and lessens carbohydrate cravings. GreenSelect Phytosome Green Tea contains catechins and caffeine, which burn a significant amount of fat. In one study, people who took GreenSelect Phytosome Green Tea lost 30 lbs. in 90 days.[3]

Green Coffee Bean Extract (200 mg) contains the antioxidant chlorogenic acid. It has a lot more chlorogenic acid than roasted coffee beans, which is why coffee drinkers don’t get the fat loss benefits. Besides burning fat, chlorogenic acid slows glucose release and curbs cravings.[4]

Research shows Lipofuze contains the clinically proven dosages. To get the right amounts, take 2 servings daily.

Any Concerns?

Lipofuze is a diet supplement with only all-natural ingredients and should not cause you any harmful, adverse, or toxic side effects.

However, if you are sensitive to caffeine, you may experience mild side effects from using Lipofuze. Common side effects caused by caffeine are usually restlessness, insomnia, and headaches.

Lipofuze Price

Lipofuze is available for purchase on the official website in a number of different pricing and quantity options. A one-month supply of Lipofuze can be purchased for $49.95. With the two-month supply Lipofuze begins to offer a price break and it can be purchased for $89.95. A three-month supply costs $129.95 and a five-month supply costs $174.95.

By purchasing Lipofuze through the official website you’ll be backed by a 90-day money back guarantee in the unlikely event it doesn’t work for you.

Overall Impression

We have no doubts Lipofuze is a good diet supplement and are confident it would be a good choice as a diet supplement for your weight loss goals. It has the ability to help you burn fat and calories and you will most likely experience a significant decrease in appetite when you use Lipofuze. It is considered to be safe and most users will not experience side effects.

However, as with many dietary supplements we recommend speaking with your healthcare professional before using Lipofuze.


[1] Astrup, A, S Toubro, et al. “Caffeine: a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of its thermogenic, metabolic, and cardiovascular effects in healthy volunteers.” American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 51.5 (1990): 759-767.

[2] Ngondi, Judith, Blanche Etoundi, et al. “IGOB131, a novel seed extract of the West African plant Irvingia Gabonensis, significantly reduces body weight and improves metabolic parameters in overweight individuals in a randomized double-blind placebo controlled investigation.” Lipids in Health and Disease. 8.7 (2009).

[3] Di Pierro, F, AB Menghi, et al. “Greenselect Phytosome as an adjunct to a low-calorie diet for treatment of obesity: a clinical trial.” Alternative Medicine Review. 14.2 (2009): 154-60.

[4] Vinson, Joe, Bryan Burnham, and Mysore Nagendran. “Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, linear dose, crossover study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a green coffee bean extract in overweight subjects.” Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity. 5. (2012): 21-27.

Tried Lipofuze? Tell us what you think.

  1. Gary Says:

    Lipofuze worked for me. I did not lose 10 pounds in 7 days like they claim, but I lost 6 pounds and that’s pretty darn good for me. It’s been a month now and I’m down 15 pounds. I couldn’t be happier.

  2. Janice K Says:

    My trainer recommended Lipofuze to me. So I shopped around (as I always do) and found the lowest price online. From my experience Gym Pro Shops are VERY over priced, plus I’m pretty sure they give trainers kick backs, which made me a little suspicious of the product. So I did a TON of research and couldn’t find anything negative about Lipofuze. I bought one bottle for $49.95, just to try it out, and I lost 10 pounds. Now that’s not 7 days, like they said, but I’m happy with it. In fact, I just bought the 6 pack for $29 a bottle, on Overall, I have no complaints. If I were you, I’d get the 6 pack for $179, because you’ll probably end up buying it in the long run.

  3. Helen Says:

    I’m Jewish and I need to know if gelatin in used in these capsules.

  4. cynthia Says:

    I went to their web site and at the end of the promotional ad, it gives u an opportunity to ask certain questions before u purchase the product. The comment section said u would receive a reply within 24 hrs.—GUARANTEED! It’ s been over 2 days and still no response. If they cannot honor their “guarantee” on this matter…then I figured they dont need my business.Enuff said.

  5. laura Says:

    i hated this stuff. it gave me heartburn and made me feel queasy, light-headed and decidedly ‘altered’. and i didn’t lose any weight. just horrible stuff.

  6. Judy Torres Says:

    I am interested in buying lipofuze in a local store because i donot trust internet ordering.Can some one advice me were i can buy it in G.A please

  7. liz Says:

    I tried Lipofuze and i did not lose 10lbs in 7 days, but i lost 4 which is still something. I stopped taking the pills when i noticed that i started to get an increased heartrate and heart palpitations, but other than that, the pill did work

  8. mei Says:

    I try lipofuze for 7 days, I didn’t see no weight loss at all.
    I still weight the same. I stop taking the products because it gives me a sour stomach and an upset stomach all day. Its worst than some of the other diet pills brand. On lipofuze review’s website, its shows there’s no side effects and no con’s. I won’t recommend trying lipofuze diet pills.

  9. Stacy Says:

    I started taking it 3 days ago at half the recommended dose (1 pill per day), and it gives me heartburn and makes me belch alot. The belching I can deal with, but the heartburn I can’t. It also makes me lightheaded.

  10. Zena Says:

    This is my first day of taking Lipofuze, I have taken both my breakfast and lunch time capsule, and I feel what could only be described as weird. My arms feel really weak and my heart feels as if its really warm. I’m getting a bit concerned by this, so may not stick it out. I’m a bit disappointed as they say its low in stimulants, so there should be no side effects, and already im getting side effects on my first day. You should be wary of this product!

  11. KevinM Says:

    I started my weight loss program 3 weeks ago. I weighed 238 (6ft tall). I am now 210 lbs. I did this without any diet pills. Simply reduce your caloric intake to 1500 calories or less daily. Take a multi-vitamin daily. Cut out all soft-drinks… Drink a gallon of water a day. ( I make a drink with fresh brewed tea and lemon sweetened with Splenda ) This is actually better than water because it is still Zero calories but with the added benefit of the caffeine. Try to cut out all fat and go for High protein foods ( they make you feel fuller ). And finally the part no one wants to hear…. exercise every other day for at least one hour. ( I play tennis ). If you don’t average 8 lbs. a week, then you are cheating somewhere… let me know if this works for you: email me @

  12. lauri Says:

    well day # 1 on lipofuze and i was a little nausiated this morning and then it was heartburn. it did subside and then when i took the one before lunch i had heartburn again. i didnt feel too good in the afternoon but then i felt ok by dinner.i did feel funny all day like hot and a little racey. i will try again tomorrow but if i get the same side effects that they claim will not happen then i will stop the product and request a refund. good luck to me and the rest of you.

  13. Kasey Says:

    Today is my eighth day taking Lipofuze. I have lost eight pounds so far. I have tried a couple of other products and I have never had results like this. I am amazed! Also, I can tell that it is REAL weight I am losing, as opposed to water weight. I have noticed weight loss all over, especially my stomach, hips, and face. I have also noticed it in my thighs. It doesn’t give me heartburn like a couple of people on here have said. During the first few days however, I found that if I took a pill without the recommended 12-16 oz. of water, I did feel slightly nauseous. Also, if I didn’t eat within about 45 minutes of taking a pill I felt nauseous as well. That side effect is nothing compared to side effects I have experienced with other weight loss products. If you follow the directions and take a pill with 12-16 oz. of water thirty minutes before eating, you should be fine. Sometimes, I literally have to remind myself to eat due to the extent of appetite suppression I have while taking this pill. So far, I absolutely love this product. I paid somewhere around $57 (with shipping) for one bottle on and it is well worth it. I am about to put in an order for a few more bottles.

  14. Will Says:

    well I don’t know whether or not to try it. Some people are saying they hate it and others say they love it!!!

  15. Kelsey Says:

    I was wondering, for those of you who have have had success with this pill, has it made a difference in your over all physical appearance?? Can you SEE he changes that your body has taken?? Also, does this pill make exercising harder?? Is it hard to keep your focus?

  16. Laurie Says:

    Started using the 3 day detox, but stopped as it made me quite ill. I am on my 3rd day using the diet pills. There are definite side effects for me, like headaches, dizziness and heartburn. I am going to try half dose. If that doesn’t work, I am sending it back. Losing weight is not worth my health.

  17. Lenora Says:

    I purchased Lipofuze, am on day 7 and have not lost a pound. I’ve actually gained! It definitely curbs the appetite but it gives me a burning sensation after taking it and it leaves me a bit queasy. Like any weight loss drug, you have to find what works for you. Unfortunately, this on doesn’t work for me. Now, I’m going to see if the money back gurantee actually works.

  18. skippy Says:

    i’ve been taking it for about 2 1/2 weeks now. i’ve noticed that i feel more in control of what i eat and when, but i really haven’t noticed any weightloss. i’m a bit disappointed, but will continue to take it. the only side effect i’ve found is the heartburn. but if i lose weight, then i’ll be ok with the heartburn!! :)

  19. Aubree Says:

    I just took my first lipofuze pill and i don’t if it is working but the pill is huge and smells funny and is kinda intimidating to take. It also says to drink 12-16 ounces of water when you take the pill and that much water makes me feel a bit sick. I will let you know later on if it is working.

  20. Jessie Says:

    Yes i have been taking Lipofuze for a month now. I did lose the 10 lbs the first week. But only about 5 lbs each week after. I did notice a little heart burn once in a while but not very bad. If you follow the directions on the bottle and eat 30 minutes after taking the product you don’t get the heartburn. Also try eating a smaller amounts. I notice that also helped. But i like the product. Id say if has the kick of a cup of coffie or two. But I expected better results but i am continuing to get results. You just have to take the product and do some exercise……..Come on Don’t be lazy Get out there and lose that weight….I have 2 bottles to go and i will keep you posted

  21. TB Says:

    I have taken it for three days now…I have a lot of heartburn and belch quite a bit. I couldn’t find any side effects, though I would say this is definitely a side effect for me. I was glad to see that someone else has experienced the heartburn.

  22. MJ Says:

    Anyone out there take high blood pressure meds. And how does it work for you.

  23. Reo Says:

    I haven’t noticed any weight loss. I took the pills as stated on the bottle drunk plenty of water watched my carbs with no results except I got burning sensation like heartburn after taking the pill. Anyway I wiil finish the bootle and see what happens.

  24. Cindy Says:

    I just finished my second bottle of Lipofuze a week ago. I have to say that this did work for me. I didn’t lose 10 lbs. in 7 days, but on the other hand I am not an overly “large” person. I am 5’8″ and I weighed 163. After taking Lipofuze, I dropped down to 142 lbs., so for my size I was quite happy with 21 lbs. The weight came off everywhere – my arms, stomach, legs, and best of all – my butt and thighs. And people notice – I get compliments and comments all the time. I took it as directed, with the full amount of water that the bottle states (I take it with a 16.9 oz. bottle of water). The few times I took it with less water, I did notice a little heartburn. So FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS, they print these for a reason. Also, someone posted that they feel the pill is huge. It’s not – it is your average, every day capsule. Again, I feel that the product works, and as soon as I can justify spending the money, I will be ordering more.

  25. Ruthie Says:

    I just took my first Lipofuze about an hour ago! Aaaggghhh!

    I was waiting the half an hour before eating but I felt a bit light headed and needed to eat, not sure if it was the lipofuze or the hunger but really hoping the latter. Interested to see that other people have suffered light headedness too.. i really hope it doesn’t continue as I work with the public and was just really rude to a customer because I felt faint!

    Will keep everyone posted with my results.

    Also… I am not hugely overweight. My happy weight is 9.25 stone, I currently weigh closer to 10. I can’t find any information on whether this product only works quickly if you have a lot of weight to lose… any advice?

    And…I don’t eat unhealthily at present, but will I see results if I keep my diet the same or is it only intended to enhance the results of a strict diet.

    Any advice on these two things greatly appreciated as I seem to only be able to find the same schpiel on the internet about how great lipofuze is!

    Thanks and happy shrinking!

  26. drew Says:

    This is my 3 day on the product and it does make you feel weird once you take the pill but after 20 -30 mins when you eat something you feel better. I haven’t worked out yet but planning on tonight. At night I haven’t felt hungry so that’s a definite plus. But you need to drink lots of water. Schedule – around 8:30am – 1st pill. Around 5:30 – 2nd pill. When I started I weighted 210 and 3 days after I weigh 207. I will keep ya’ll posted.

  27. Leona Says:

    I have taken Lipofuze for 6 days now and have lost close to 4 pounds. Which is really good for me. I haven’t had any of the side effects that some of you have, and am pretty happy with the product, especially the appetite suppresent part. Usually if I don’t eat every 2 hours I get huge headaches which can be painful when you work full time outside the home. I do find that I am more focused and have more energy than I use to and can see my body toning down a little each day. Lipofuze seems to be working for me so I will continue taking it for at least 30 days to see what kind of results I get. Please remember not every diet pill or plan works for everyone. So if you’re having any type of negative effects, you should go off of it immediately. Everyone’s chemistry is different and there may be some ingredients in this formula your body doesn’t like or doesn’t really need. Best of luck with your weight loss goals as you gradually get back to a healthier you. Thanks

  28. vicky Says:

    hi there wondering if i should buy this pill, have been on herbal life for three weeks and seen some small result, i have only one ,meal which consist of loads of veg and little rice or wholemeal pasta, exercise 2-3 times a week, but i seem to have hit the wall in losing weight .shall i go on buy the pill despite all this side effects? am 52 yrs and 117.2 kilos (preiously 129kg)

  29. laura Says:

    i have been on lipofuze for 6 days and i have not lost any weight i have more energy but i am dissappointed maybe ill finish the bottle and see what happens i took the detox you do better by drinking dieters tea i swill keep you posted

  30. Connie Says:

    Why does it say call 1 877 547-3893 then I get an email saying I have to call during business hours well its 2:10 pm and it still says the number is not in service???
    I would like to be provided a number to call regarding my online purchase, I really hope that what I have read about your product is NOT true.. Please respond

  31. kirsty Says:

    i have been taking lipofuze for 3 weeks and have lost 61 pounds i cant believe how gud this tablets is, its a miricle it has saved my life……………

  32. Donna Says:

    Took my first Lipofuze pill about two and a half hours ago. I do not feel well! Lightheaded, dizzy, shaky, my heart feels like it is kind of racing, heartburn, just feel really lousy! Will not take another pill. I do not suggest anyone take this pill if you are contemplating it. Very many side effects, definitely not worth it to lose weight. I have sent an email requesting information on how to request a refund. DO NOT TAKE LIPOFUZE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Linda Says:

    I also want to know how does it affect you if you have hypertension? I am considering this product, but not sure.

  34. robert Says:

    do they sell this in stores because i dont want to buy it online

  35. jen Says:

    Hi everyone! I was hoping to find out real results and side effects from Lipofuze. So i’m 5’2 156lbs and i do cardio 5 days a week and strength training 3 days a week. i use to weigh 170 during winter and lost 14 lbs…naturally. No pills, just exercising and eating better. Anyway i wanna drop to 125 lbs by september/october… i would also like to know from someone with similar body type…(larger in mid-section and thighs, medium built, short, 5’2 156 lbs), but anything helps!
    So does this pill really work? and if so tell me more! and if not let me know which one does please :) I just feel like i’m at a plateau and would love a lil help :) thank you!

  36. Leslie Says:

    finished my first week and don’t feel any weight loss but appetite is more controlled. These pills do make me feel dizzy, hot and a little disoriented, sometimes nausea but it does subside over time. I will finish one bottle and if no weight loss will discontinue. the side effects are not work a few pounds….

  37. daivna Says:

    Has anyone been able to contact them? I tried calling their toll free number but the number doesn’t work so of course I’m a bit worried about ordering from a sight like that. Someone please let me know.

  38. Steve Says:

    I am about to try the pills starting tomorrow morning. I will let you know the exact feeling I experience. I do have HTN *High Blood Pressure, so i am going to monitor that more closely. Be careful about heartburn. If it continues for those who have it, it can possibly lead to an esophageal ulcer (ulcer in the esophagus). My suggestion is to prop your head up when you sleep at night and control your acids by watching the foods you eat. No chocolate and no caffeine. No alcohol and no soft drinks. Very important. Any questions, email me at Steve

  39. Lanell Says:

    I Received my Lipofuze today and aftering reading some of these reviews and others on other sites I am scared to death to take it. I think I want my money back. The pills are rather big to me also. I actually regretted ordering them the next day after ordering because the more I read about them the more I felt like they were going to be a waste of my money. Hopefully I will get my money back, I will let you all know if they give me the run around.

  40. Chelsea Says:

    Today was my first day taking lipofuze and I had a little bit of heartburn this morning upon taking the pill and then felt very faint. I thought maybe it was because I was hungry so I ate. I felt a little better, but not even 10 minutes after eating, I felt awful and very sick to my stomach. I took my lunch time pill and from that point on felt even worse. I’ve been sick to my stomach all day. It’s now 7:45 pm and I still feel sick. May take a pill tomorrow, but not if I’m still feeling like this in the morning. Has anyone had any luck getting in contact with the company for a refund?

  41. Julia Says:

    Thinking about ordering this product. I’m 20lbs overweight. I’m wondering though if it does help and I stop taking after reaching my ideal weight if the pounds will return…anyone with info?

  42. Shona Says:

    I just started lipofuze. My findings to date, conclude that my appetite has been supressed, energy level – high, no heartburn or other side effects. Thus far, a winner!

  43. Nichole Says:

    i took lipofuze for the first time today. it made me feel hot and nausous. i will try again tomorrow and see if it continues.

  44. Sheila Says:

    This is true.I have been taking lipofuze for 1 month now when i started i did not weigh myself.After 1 week my sister asked me did i start taking the diet pill i told her about and i said yes she said because you look smaller i was excited after that and i went home and weighed myself after 3 weeks i have lost 12 pounds it feels good to loose weight and not change anything.I just ordered my second bottle of lipofuze because now people at word are telling me how good i look and the haters just stare at me it really do work this is from someone who was skeptical at the beginning.

  45. Pauline Says:

    I have been taking lipofuze for approx 2wks & have lost approx 4lbs.However, I’ve always had problems with my metabolism and have lost weight very slowly in general. Since taking lipofuze, I find that I do sweat alot in my sleep (maybe that’s when it’s working) but I also find that I’ve lost alot of muscle (I am an avid athlete btw cardio & strength training atleast 4x/wk)I seem to be less defined & more loose. I will continue to work out & pay more attention to my muscle development & give updates. In reference to the heartburn a few have mentioned, you do have to drink the requred amount of water & eat in the interval of times. I only had those effects when I took the pill w/ little water. Good luck!!

  46. Paige Says:

    I’m 5’3″ and weigh about 110, i just want to go down 5 lbs, i haven’t started lipofuze yet but i ordered it and it should be here within the next day or so. Will i see results quickly like others even thought i’m not overweight?

  47. Abby Says:

    Helen- yes gelatin is used in this.

  48. Raul Says:

    just got mine in mail hope this works i keep hearing good and bad things but i also know that what works for one wont work for another so we will see!

  49. Tara Says:

    I am starting to worry this company is a scam. Like others have said the toll free telephone number is not a good number and I cannot find any alternate number to try. They responded to my first e-mail within 48 hours but did not answer my question about their phone number. My follow up e-mail has yet to be answered and it’s been 3 days. I bought the package that is $129 before finding reviews like these and now I am concerned that if I do want to return them that I wouldn’t know how since there is no customerservice. Also if they cannot even follow through on their guarantee to e-mail back within 24 hours, I’m not sure that I can trust any of the other guarantees. Has anyone gone through the return policy? If so how did you do it? And has anyone not received their orders at all. It has been over 5 days and they did not give me any UPS number to track it and like I said they won’t respond. I have the e-mail confirmation of my order, so I know it’s been processed. it just doesn’t have any real references on the e-mail confirmation // no invoice and no ups tracking number. I found all that odd.

  50. Danielle Says:

    im only 21 and overweight. i have horrible eating habits, and i work and go to school full time. i hardly have enough time to eat at all…let alone eat healthy. nor do i have that kind of money. i recently found out i have hyperthyroidism…its undercontrol now but it for sure slows my metablosm. Im very concerned about safety of the product???? and i dont want to be on this product for a very long time at all…..just enough to get to a healthy weight??? would you recommend this product still?????

  51. Reenie Says:

    I just started taking Lipofuze on 10-13-09, Man after about 10 minutes I felt like my stomach was burning inside. That feeling left after about 30 minutes. I took my first pill at work for a moment there I thought I might have to go home. After you take this pill you definitely feel like your stomach is on fire or like someone smeared a whole jar of Vaporub inside your stomach and it makes you feel a bit queasy :( I’m 5’5 and I weigh about 312lbs and I’m 31yrs old. Today I took one pill 30 minutes before lunch and I drank about a water bottle of water and I still felt the burning sensation after about 10 min. I ate 30 min. after taking the pill but my stomach was already w/ the feeling of heartburn, burn and I also got a headache. I don’t think I’ll continue taking these pills. My appetite does supress and I do feel like maybe I’ve lost a couple of lbs cause I notice my belly a lil’ smaller but the side effects are horrible :( I’m really disappointed I was sooo looking forward to losing weight and taking a product that has so many great reviews online well until I found this website by typing (lipofuze and burning stomach) Beware :(

  52. Jennifer Says:

    I have been taking this pill for 4 days now and I have been exercising as well, I have lost 4lbs to date, so far so good. I have experienced some of the same things like heartburn, lightheaded, and a little weak, oh and yes the first time I took the pill it did burn my insides, but that was only the first pill after that I didn’t have the burning sensation in my stomach. I am going to finish the bottle and see how it goes. Good luck to everyone!!

  53. Ernestine Says:

    I started taking my pills a week ago today. I did have terrible heartburn at first but after drinking the recommended amount of water I felt better and after eating within the recommended amount of time when I took the second pill. I have lost 2 lbs the first week. I think I will try it for another week and see if my body adjust and I drop a few more pounds. I had lost 12 lbs in 8 weeks with just diet and exercise, but felt I needed some help. I am going to see how I feel over this next week, If I still feel the heartburn, I will just go back to diet and exercise and return the remaining product. I wlll keep you posted.

  54. Ann Says:

    i ordered these about 2 weeks ago. i got it a few days later. i was also worried about the very vague email confirmation, no customer service, etc. i’m on day 3 of taking it, haven’t lost any weight yet. the first day i felt the heartburn & the upset stomach, so the next day & today i took 1. i take a couple tums when i start feeling that & it all goes away. so i’m hoping i’ll see some results soon, since i am also working out 3-4x’s a week. we shall see.

  55. Karyn Says:

    This product was terrible!
    I took it exactly how the directions stated, and afterwards,
    i started puking!
    there was even blood in my puke! I continued taking it, because i’m just that stubborn, and after two weeks, i had lost no weight, and my hair started falling out.
    Not only am i broken out in a cold sweat every day, but i feel shaky, i have heartburn, and i havent pooped in three days.
    thanks LIPOFUZE!!! >:(

  56. Alison Says:

    I ordered my first bottle of lipofuze in July and have been using it intermitantly since then. Overall I’ve lost about 17lbs, at 5’5″ I was 145, now down to about 128. I love taking lipofuze before I work out because it gives me a little extra energy and I feel faster.

    I love this product, I used to take the old ephedra and lipofuze doesn’t make me as jittery as those did. Personally, I like a little jitter feeling though because it makes me feel like the product is working.

    My question is, has anyone tried the DETOX? I just received my first order of it and I’m not so sure what exactly it’s supposed to do. Anyone know??


  57. Sheena Says:

    I just received my bottles of Lipofuze and Detox and will begin detox tomorrow morning. I’ll be sure to keep you updated! Also, the products are shipped USPS so there will be no tracking number. I am in Canada and it took about 2 weeks for me to receive it. I had no problem with them replying to the email I sent regarding my shipment. They also advised if I didnt get in within 15 days to contact them again, but I received it. I also found it sketchy as to why the phone number doesn’t work but I bought a large quantity so hopefully it works!!!!! I’ll let you all know!

  58. Sheena Says:

    Alison, Detox is supposed to cleanse the body of toxins. I live in Canada I’m 23 years old, 5’5 and my starting weight is 203. I began with the 3 day detox on Dec 17 then began Lipofuze Dec 20. I have had no side effects, but you HAVE TO take 30 mins before breakfast and lunch with enough water!!!! My 1st day I did not and I had a bad stomache ache, nausea, and couldn’t sleep. The next 2 days have been good because I followed exact instructions. The detox went good as well. I weighed myself last night and am now at 198. I will update my status again in January.

  59. KG Says:

    I’ve been taking Lipofuze for about two weeks now. My only complaint is the horrible heartburn i get after taking them. I definitely drink a lot of water but sometimes i can’t eat 30 minutes after i’ve take the pill…maybe thats why i’ve been experiencing heartburn. I haven’t lost many pounds but I can tell my body is looking slimmer…pants fit handles are So i think it seems to be working. And it definitely suppresses my appetite, i have to force myself to eat sometimes. Anyone have any suggestions in dealing with the heartburn?? Tums helps a bit.

  60. Ricky P Says:

    been onn the product 10 days and lost 7.5 pounds. My 1st dosage was horrible, as I did not follow the directions. If you take the pill with 12 to 16 ounces and eat after 30 minutes, I havent had any side effects. I am 5-9 270 and am down to 263. The product has in such a brief time worked better than the many diet pills I have tried. No jitteries, headaches, or heartburn. It has curbed my appetite and I forget to eat. The detox worked well.

  61. Nicole T Says:

    Okay, so i have mixed feelings towards lipofuze. The detox was okay, i felt no negative side effects and lost 5 pounds in three days-im almost positive it was water weight…. but i dont care lol- i just started taking the actual pill yesterday. it made me sort of sick, well actually really sick, my heart was alittle racy and i kept on burping, overall stomach discomfort, but it went away by dinner time. I lost two pounds! its really good at curving my appetite. I think i felt so ill that things i knew (in the past ) would taste good seemed like it would tastes HORRIBLE. I was drinking water with crystal light in it while taking my pill in the morning and stoped 3/4 of the way down and thought it tasted too sweet ( i love that stuff too!) I think the main reason why i felt the negative side effects so badly was im also on slimfast. today im going to do something diffrently, Im still going to drink my slimfast but eat something solid as well. If it still makes me feel crappy im probably going to stop only including the three day dextox and that one day ive lost 7 pounds! I might just suffer through the side effects for those results!!!! although the thought of losing so much weight scares me. it cant be healthy.

  62. Shelly Says:

    I started LipoFuze today………and i felt very shaky…..but then again I didn’t have a good breakfast(Just a half of bagel)and plenty of water, so therefore I didn’t take the 2nd dose.I think I’ll start off slowly with one dose and depending on how my body reacts to it I will either increase or stop.

  63. Brittany Says:

    I have taken diet pills in the past and not gotten any results. When I read everything about this deit pill it looked really good. I was a little weary but thought why not. I just received my 3 day detox and lipofuze and took my first dose. I did follow the directions and feel fine. Actually I feel energized and feel as if I can concentrate better than usual. I keep taking and will let you know how it goes.

  64. Emy Says:

    I just started taking lipofuze today so i really dont know if its gonna work or not. But what i do know is that there is no miracle diet pill that is gonna make you loose more than 10lbs in 7 or less days. I think that for a diet pill to work a good diet and exercise is needed. I go workout at least once a day every day for about 2 hours. I do diet and try to eat as healthy as possible. I cheat on my food once a week usually on a sunday but only one meal. I have lost weight but what i have notice is that i have lost more inches then weight and that is without lipofuze so iam thinking if i take this pill and hopefully it works i will be able to loose weight and sizes. I will let you know how it goes later on.

  65. Coley Says:

    I just started using the pills and I’ve been experiencing the chest burning sensation and a lil bit of burping too, which isnt too bad but i’m usually extra sensitive to any kind of medication so i’ve only been taking one pill a day so far. does anyone know if i’ll still see some results by only taking one a day?

  66. Ali Says:

    I have been taking lipofuze for about a week and a half. I have only lost about 5 pounds, which is pretty good, but I have felt lightheaded, queasy, nauseated, and had an upset stomach that seems to get worse as i keep taking the pills, so I don’t know how much longer I will stick it out for.

  67. Alycia Says:

    Hi guys, im just waiting for my pills to be delivered.
    Does it make your go to the toilet alot?

  68. Maria Says:

    Hi…I just received my shipment yesterday. I plan on starting tomorrow…do I take just the detox for three days and then start the actual lipofuze pills? I also ordered a 7 day slimming down pill…when is that taken? The bottles themselves have directions, but it doesn’t say if the pills are taken together. Does anyone know?

  69. Osman Says:

    Take the pills, dont worry about calorie intake, eat what ever you want, long as its 5 little meals a day, drink water and walk 1-2 hours a day. You’ll be losing weight without no real impact on your lifestyle.

    I do the above with Heavy labor (work), boxing training, taking Hardcore X (rated lower than lipofuze, yet double the price)and running had me losing 2kgs a day (not water weight). Yup, just over one week transformed my body.

  70. CHERI Says:


  71. yesenia Says:

    Just got my order in today after 7 days waiting took my first pills we’ll see my results next week will post good luck to me!

  72. Sally Says:

    I start taking the pill 2 days ago and I lost 1.5 lbs so far.I do get hurt burn it don’t last long I only take it once a day with 3 day detox will report back in week

  73. Lydia Says:

    Is Lipofuse only effective if you have a good amount of weight to lose (like 50lbs +)? Or could I use it to help me shed 10-15 lbs? any ideas? I bought the stuff, but I am nervous about the side effects described on this site. Sometimes those last few pounds are the hardest to lose; stubborn suckers!

  74. Rosie Says:

    Today is my 7th day taking lipofuze. I have not changed my diet at all but I do exercise off and on…like 3 days a week for about an hour. Running mostly. The first day I took it my heart raced, the second day I didn’t drink enough water and had heartburn and stomach pains…but when I do drink the amount it says to then I’m fine and have no side effects. I weighed myself the second day and lost around maybe 2lbs…I weighed myself again around the 5th day and gained around 3 1/2lbs…I will weigh myself again tomorrow to see if I lost anything more…or gained, but hopefully I lost!! My appetite has decreased after taking the pills, but ghats more of a good thing. Next week I plan on exercising regularly and running daily…but my diet I doubt will change. (I do eat fast food occaisonally and a candy bar here and there)…but I’m not “large” either. I’m 5’6″ and weigh 145. I just wanted to drop 15 pounds.
    Well good luck to you all! And I advise you to atleast try it and follow the directions!!! :)

  75. gina Says:

    Please, where i can find lipofuze, Thanks!!! California

  76. Willie Says:

    Are you suppose to use lipofuze lik regular pills just pop one and use water to swallor or are u suppose 2pour the powder substance into water and then take it???

  77. melissa Says:

    i ordered it yesterday so i should be getting it in a few days.i hope it works!

  78. Diana Says:

    I just started the pill today before breakfast like it says… and i feel really weird… almost like a drunk feeling… like i want to throw up, but i am not quite sure if i am going to? is this normal?

  79. allie Says:

    I just took my first pill today of lipofuze with a 16.9 oz water bottle and feel fine. I’m about to eat my breakfast and then possible head to the gym. I feel fine! No headache, heartburn or any side effects! If anything I’m just ready to eat my breakfast! I’m a 5’9 19 year old female weighing about 179 lbs. I’m hoping to lose about 20-30 lbs . I will keep this updated as I start my lipofuze journey. Goodluck to me and everyone else who trys this :-)

  80. Stacy Says:

    I’m on my 5th day of Lipofuze. I’m 28 years old and I’m on Lipofuze to boost my weight loss in order to lose 15-20 lbs before I get pregnant with my second child (hopefully in a few months). I’m 5’2″ and 131 lbs. I weigh less now than I did when I first got pregnant but 4 years ago when I got married I was 112 lbs. Back in January I started working out at the YMCA and have continued that and lost 14 lbs. I get about 3 1/2 hours of cardio each week and do strength training 2-3 times a week. The first 3 days I only took one pill before lunch to ease into it. Side effects so far: major energy and positive mood boost and weird numbness in the tip of my tongue for the half hour before I ate (only the first 2 days). I’ve had no heartburn. I did have a headache the first few days but I’m guessing it was due to the caffeine, which I’m not used to. I don’t have headaches anymore. The differences I’ve noticed have been that when I eat after taking one I’m definitely full early on. It’s a GREAT appetite suppressant. This is coming from someone who has tried 4 or 5 diet pills in my life that have never had any positive effect for me. They never do what they say they do. Probably the biggest change for me though is that I don’t crave sweets! I LOVE chocolate! In fact, probably my biggest hindrance to losing weight isn’t being sedentary; it’s eating too many sweets everyday. You can work out but if you don’t eat right it’s pretty pointless. Since day one of Lipofuze I’ve had NO sweet cravings! I even watched my husband eat ice cream in front of me with no desire for it whatsoever. Don’t know if I’ve lost any weight yet, but I’m not looking for anything drastic. Will keep you updated!

  81. Sarah Says:

    I am almost 50 lbs heavier than I want to be, and 30 realistically! I want to lose atleast 30 lbs and I got my first bottle and will try tomorrow. I am scared but just need my baby weight to get off, even my baby is almost 2 now! God, I hope they really work cause I’ll be really disheartened if they don’t. Tired of ppl telling me that I look so over grown and heavy, its disgusting :(

  82. Ryan Says:

    I started taking Lipofuze today. When I took the first pill I followed the instructions perfectly and felt a little light headed but not bad. When I took the second pill I ate right after and drank hardly any water and felt awful (sick to my stomach) for about four hours. I plan to follow the instructions with both pills tomorrow and will post again.

  83. Erin Says:

    I took my first pill about an hour ago. Within the first 15 minutes I felt heartburn. Once it hit a half an hour I ate something and felt better. I did belch a few times but other than that so far so good.

    I don’t need to lose that much weight so I am going to take half the recommended dose. Hope it works!

  84. Laura Says:

    Does anyone know if this pill is safe to use if you’re under 18? I keep on looking all over the internet and can’t find the answer.

    Thank you!

  85. Olga Says:

    Just ordered my first bottle. I hope everything goes well. I am a mother of 2, 5’4 168 lbs. I’m hoping to lose at least 20 to 30 lbs. It seems that everyone that had bad experience didn’t follow directions correctly. I hope not to make that same mistake, anyways wish me luck!

  86. quincie Says:

    Okay if you never tried lipofuze the bottle simply says take 30 min before breakfast and lunch and obviously drink 8 oz or more of water while downing the pill. People who are havin Heartburn are obviously are not drinking enough water and if they are they should try a cold beverage and also non acid fruits like cold apple slices or watermelon. And for headaches its your body not use to the ingredients and trying to adapt. Trust me. If you work out and eat right and also drink plenty of water and low cal liquids you wil see beneficial results. People that are not seeing results are either being lazy or their body is already at a small or smallest size. And people you can’t expect to eat anything you want and not exercise and see results. I have been taking lipofuze and yes you feel a little funny at first but its nothing to get all worked up bout it or complain if you wanna lose the weight badly then a little burning in your stomach won’t matter. Its a great product. By the way I am not a doctor I am a medical student but I do reccomend this product. Just read and follow directions people!!!

  87. Jay Says:

    I have been taking lipofuze lazily for about 3 weeks and not on weekends. Not exercising extra or anything like that. I have lost about 12 lbs. Considering I am not takin these religiously or exercising extensively, I’m satisfied with it. I haven’t noticed much of a change in looks but I am 5’7 and (now) 226lbs. So 12 lbs isn’t much!! I would say, if you don’t mind the burps it may cause, try it out!!!! It hasn’t given me heart flutters or high blood pressure or whatever. Just weight loss! :)

  88. Liz Says:

    I just got my bottle of lipofuze in the mail today. I will say that the only side effect I noticed about 5-10 minutes after taking the first pill was heartburn. It wasn’t too bad as I used to swim competitively and am used to heartburn, however all I had to do was chew 2 tums and I was fine. My energy level is definitely higher and when I started working out I noticed my heartrate increasing faster and I worked up a sweat faster so I dont know if thats a good thing or bad thing. I am 20 yrs old and 5’3 and weigh 143. Ideally I need to weigh around 120 and am hoping that this will work.

    Has anyone had experience with this pill where you lost the weight without working out and watching what you eat. I’m a full time student and I don’t have time to eat healthy so my appetite isn’t a problem, but I don’t have a lot of time to exercise. I have been dancing with my wii and kinect for xbox and I can see a little difference in the definition of my body but am I going to have to keep exercising OR exercise more in order for this to work??

    Please let me know, I’m trying to lose this weight fast and hopefully lose at least 10 lbs by the end of february for spring break.

    Help me figure out what to do!!!

  89. D Says:

    Do you people honestly reccomend this product?? let me know plz

  90. Nicole Says:

    i just started taking lipofuze today. I am 5’3 and i weigh 177 pounds. I havent really noticed any negative side effects but i will keep u posted on how much weight i lose.

  91. Whitney Says:

    I started taking Lipofuze for about 3 weeks and have only lost 6 pounds!!

    I do Jillian Michaels at least 4 times a week, and do the points system for Weight Watchers, so I dont know why Im not losing .

  92. Anna Robertson Says:

    Hello. I have read up on lipofuze and am quite interested to try it. i do not trust postage though. is it possible to purchase lipofuze in stores?

  93. Joy Says:

    Does anyone know if lipofuze is available in stores?

  94. Reyna Says:

    are this product realy works, because I am tired to buy some prducts in the store and I dont see many resuls….. please someone help. I am 119 pounds and I want to get back to 110 pounds

  95. luke Says:

    started with the detox, feel bloody brilliant, First dosage…lack of appetite, loads of energy, thinking clearly, no heaart burn, no dizziness, a tad shaky, but no nasty side effects. Second dosage, drinking more water then ever before so experiancing the added bonus of really clear skin, still energised, yet sleeping well and waking vibrant. Day 2: weight loss to date 2.4lb, if this keeps up i’ll be in the best shape of my life in 1 1/2 mnths.
    RECOMMENDATIONS from this kid…

  96. Carroe Says:

    can you buy this in local stores in Michigan?

  97. Busycharlie Says:

    Just started this product and he kills my appetite which is what I wanted. I have no side effects to mention. I hope this continues. What everyone needs to remember is that our bodies and genetic makeup are all different so no matter what you take it will work for some but not all.

  98. Lacey_jackman Says:

    i started taking lipofuze last week and i havent noticed any weight loss yet. it does make me feel very lightheaded and dizzy. i get the heartburn also but as soon as i eat and drink all the water those side effects go away. i will continue to take the pills but if i see no sign of weight loss i think i’ll try the money back!

  99. X-lushlou-x Says:

    Hey, I ordered one bottle of lipofuze off and it has took the money out my bank on the 15th of July and still no lipofuze I am in the UK. Ive red some comments saying that a lot of people were scammed and haven’t Eva got there order but payed for it. can you tell me which website u ordered and received product from asap please?.
    Thank you

  100. Botson Says:

    i gained 6 pounds my first 2 weeks this suxs i work 10 hrs a day manual labor i usually lose weightwhen im working like i do but since i started lipofuze ive gained weight. im eating and working out the same just gaining weight and i can tell its not muscle unfortunately

  101. workin for me Says:

    Did you use it correctly? It says to drink with water and eat a half hour later…. I did not use it right a couple x’s and got heartburn too… so I just took it correctly :)

  102. George Says:

    I have taken the product for a few days, which took it the way it said 30 min before meals. I had belching and continuous heart burn, palpitations, just felt all around yucky. Seriously contemplating sending it back. does the feeling ever subdue because I will suffer through it.

  103. IMER Says:

    I have been taking Lipofuze for a week now but have also been running half an hour every other day and i have lost 5 pounds. That being said, I noticed that if I didnt drink the recommended amount of water or didnt eat with in 40 mins of taking the pill, I felt like crap! So, the pill does work, BUT FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!

  104. Epic3170 Says:

    Today was the first pill I took. I hope I see results from this product because previous diet pills I’ve used never seem to do much. This pill does not make me feel jumpy or nervous like other diet pills. It hasn’t bothered my stomach or head like some other people. It all depends on the person. I have done my research on this product and the ingredients in it seem to be unique from other diet pills, which is why I was curious to try it out.

  105. Brad Lombardo Says:

    I have been using lipofuze since June 2011. I went from 195lbs to 165lbs in 3 months and have kept if off with ease every since. It is now January 2012 and I remained within the 162-166lb range. It certainly worked with 0 side effects and 100% in results

  106. Nikki2793 Says:

    I have been taking it for about a week now, I see people saying it makes them feel bad, They must not know how to read directions because as long as you take it as directed no problems at all.
    I have not weighed myself But I look and feel lighter!

  107. violet Says:

    i am 57kg and i am 173cm tall, how much do you think i can lose on lipofuze if i eat healthy, and exercise within a month ?

  108. l2emix Says:

    I finished my 3 day detox and started the diet supplement the other day. I took the 2 capsules as recommended about 1/2 hr before I ate and drank about 2 cups of water and a 3rd cup with my meal. didn’t feel any oddities just woke up a bit more than usual. Went to the gym for the first time in 2 years. Thought I would only last 1/2 an hr there. I was there for 1.5 hrs and was still energized when I left That’s a big surprise since I’m a lazy person and I smoke. Later, I repeated what I did in the morning, went to the gym and worked out for about 2 hrs. It definitely gives you energy. Who knows, it could be a placebo effect if anything, but that caffeine in there really kicks in like a pitcher of coffee without the crash. Everyone needs to find the right diet for themselves. I only started this with my goal because I’m the guinea pig on my friend’s. I doubt anyone would lose 10lbs in 7days unless they starved and only drank water while intensely working out. I honestly think the side effects are there, but if you properly take the supplements as recommended on the label, the heartburn will become just warm, heartrate being fast will let you know to burn some energy, and that sick feeling probably means recommendation of how to take the pill was not the right amount for everyone.

    Not really selling the product or trying to flatter it too much. I even think in the back of my head it’s probably a placebo pill with a bunch of grass stuck in it. Who knows. But there seems to be a bunch of people who actually say it works. They probably felt the side effects but don’t mention it because they don’t care about it as much because they saw results in the end.

    I’m going to stick to it until I actually get an emergency where I’m vomiting, having bad diarrhea, can’t breath, have horrible spasms, or something along those lines.

  109. Haylee Says:

    where do you buy them?

  110. Khughey58 Says:

    I took this after having my daughter and it definitely works if you follow the instructions. For people who wasn’t sure where to get it for the absolute best price order it off Ebay, that’s what I did. I need to lose 20lbs in 4 months and I’m gonna order another couple months supply today.

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