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What is Metabolite?

Information on Metabolite can be very difficult to find. The reason being is due to the fact that the little information which is found on the product ties its ingredients to ephedra. Ephedra was once a highly used weight loss drug which is now highly regulated by the Food and Drug Administration due to health risks.

Is Metabolite safe?

All products containing ephedra were pulled from the shelves. Many of these products have come back under the same name, while substituting ephedra as their main ingredient. Continued studies are being conducted on ephedra and its effectiveness in the weight loss realm and how it can be used in a risk-free way, but for now the drug continues to be highly regulated by the FDA.

Where is Metabolite sold?

That is a good question. Just as difficult as it is to find accurate information on the product itself, locating a retail outlet can be just as difficult. According to on-line information, Metabolite is broadly sold through pyramid-type methods.

Metabolite Conclusion

When you plan on taking something into your body to alter your weight gain patters you want to be sure that what you are taking is not only effective, but most importantly safe. If you have to search through the back alleys of the internet to find a product you think may help – you are most definitely looking in the wrong place.

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Tried Metabolite (Metabo-Lite)? Tell us what you think.

  1. Sheila Dye Says:

    metabolite helped me lose 49 pounds with NO side effects that is why i was so surprised to find out it had been removed years ago

  2. Judy Friday Says:

    I lost 50 pounds years ago I wish I could find it again! I had no side affects!

  3. kay johnson Says:

    I lost 45 lbs and no side effects at all. I want this product back.

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