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What is Methoxyphenylethylamine?

Methoxyphenylethylamine. Say that 10 times fast. Not only is Methoxyphenylethylamine one of the hardest words in the English dictionary to pronounce but it is also an ingredient that can be found in a few select weight loss products. Methoxyphenylethylamine is also known as PEA.

How does Methoxyphenylethylamine work?

Methoxyphenylethylamine is still a fairly new weight loss ingredient on the market and as such there have been few scientific studies regarding it. It comes from chocolate. It sometimes is referred to as the “Love Drug,” because it has been shown to lift the mood. To this point scientific studies have not been able to link PEA and weight loss. Although it still can be a great supplemental ingredient in a weight loss product due to effects on mood; it just probably shouldn’t be a main ingredient.

How much does Methoxyphenylethylamine cost?

We were unable to find anyone that sells Methoxyphenylethylamine by itself. It can be found in a few select weight loss products. These products tend to be higher in caliber and therefore more expensive.

Methoxyphenylethylamine Conclusion

Methoxyphenylethylamine is a decent ingredient but shouldn’t be relied on for weight loss.

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