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OxyElite Pro

OxyElite Pro is a diet supplement that takes a whole new angle on weight loss. The manufacturers advertise that they have found natural ingredients that alter the thyroid gland. OxyElite Pro promises to use these ingredients to induce your body to burn more fat.

How Does OxyElite Pro Work?

The idea behind OxyElite Pro is quite intriguing. According to the official website, OxyElite Pro works in two main ways: first by working on your thyroid, and then by speeding your metabolism. This is a different approach than can be found in pills like Fenphedra, which mainly focuses on boosting metabolism.

In order to affect your thyroid. OxyElite Pro includes a natural plant extract they claim will increase your “T3 to T4” ratio. The T3 hormone is partly responsible for your metabolic rate and some believe it helps break down glycogen and glucose in addition to possibly upping serotonin levels.

By boosting serotonin levels, the body is more fully capable of coping with stress, improving mood, and maintaining self-control when it comes to eating. While one ingredient of OxyElite Pro is increasing the ratio of T3 to T4, another is increasing T4, further upping the total amount of T3 in the system.

OxyElite Pro also has some common metabolism boosting stimulants. Combining these tried and true fat burning methods with their new thyroid manipulation system is what OxyElite Pro advertises makes the product so effective.

OxyElite Pro Side Effects

Most people don’t report any serious side effects after using OxyElite Pro, which is one benefit of using a natural substance rather than a pharmaceutical grade product.

There are, however, certain stimulants involved in the OxyElite Pro formula, so there is a slight possibility that you could experience anxiety or dizziness. As with all supplements, there is a risk of experiencing upset stomach or intestinal issues; these, however, are standard risks with any dietary supplement and usually come as a result of adding metabolism boosters to a diet.

The body usually takes a little while before it can get used to new ingredients in a diet, so being patient with the effects of this weight loss supplement could show fewer side effects as time goes on. If they do not decrease, however, it is best to decrease the dosage of this supplement or stop taking it altogether.

OxyElite Pro Ingredient Highlights

OxyElite Pro uses some common weight loss ingredients like caffeine and 1,3 Dymethylamylamine. These thermogenic compounds stimulate the nervous system and boost metabolism when used in the right quantities.

OxyElite Pro also employs Cirsium Oligophyllum, which is an extract from a flowering plant. This ingredient specifically targets subcutaneous fat.

The two innovative thyroid altering ingredients found in OxyElite Pro are called Bauhinia purpurea L and Bacopa monnieri. These two plant extracts have the ability to naturally increase the levels of thyroid hormones responsible for metabolism.

Should You Try OxyElite Pro?

We are impressed with OxyElite Pro’s powerful new ingredients as well as their innovative ways to tackle weight loss, but at this point, we are not entirely positive that these new, unique ingredients are entirely trustworthy.

We recommend that you try a weight loss supplement with proven, thoroughly researched and tested ingredients that you know for sure are not going to be harmful to your system. One product that has been trusted by many consumers is Fenphedra. Using these types of products can help to boost your energy with more clinically proven ingredients.

Tried OxyElite Pro? Tell us what you think.

  1. Dustin Morgan Says:

    I’ve been using OEP for around 3 weeks now and Ive lost about 15 pounds. I’m also on a new diet and workout routine but I reached my weight loss roof and this is helping me push past it. I don’t know if the new routine does it for me or oxy but it makes me feel great. I feel the effects and you can feel the burn and you may even sweat on occasion. Oxy does give you a very nice appetite curve. Side effects I noticed are mild dehydration(expected with a thermogenic), slight shakes( due to the caffeine), and a slight sick feeling in your stomach but if you think abou it any type of chemical or supplement on am empty stomach should be expected to do that(there’s no food in your stomach to dilute the chems so you shouldn’t complain) all in all I’d give it 9.9 out of 10 it’s a pretty great supplement, I’m averaging 5.2 pounds a week on this stuff but I work hard with it.

  2. Kelly92308 Says:

    I need to know if it will effect my thyroud Bc I have thyroid disease please someone help

  3. Jamma321 Says:

    I started taking Oxy Pro Elite last February because someone in my work chat room said she and her hubby took it and lost a lot of weight. I read so many reviews abut various diet pills, it is tough to say which are real and which are designed to get you to waste your money. From Feb – May I lost the extra lbs and toned up massively again. I continued my tough kettle bell routine at the gym. The first couple of times with oxy was tough. I felt nauseous and disoriented. It also kept me awake. That feeling went away after a week and I can even take one at bed time now and sleep like a baby. It works, no two ways about it. I spend too much time trying to get honest opinions on weight loss pills and fat burners to waste anyones time. This Feb I have bought my Oxy but after reading several reviews – which I thought were genuine, I also bought Phenpendrine. I cannot say if the hype is well founded or not. It did not make me feel hyped and there is no appetite suppression for me. In fact the first 3 days, the pills made me feel drowsy and I even fell half asleep at work. I think the results of Phenphedrine are subtle and works well only with regular exercise. The crap reviews about losing 4lbs in one, two or three days was not a fact for me. I lost nothing in the first 3 days. That could be because my hubby was ill so we could not go to the gym. On day 4, I decided instead of waiting for hubby to heal, I grab two 16 lbs kettlebells and took to the steps in my apt building. 67 steps up and down for 6 sets. By the next day I had lost 0.3″ off my lower stomach – which is not easy since it is not flabby easy to lose weight…my stomach is fairly toned but I have the lower ab pouch that most women hate. I did the steps again the next day and the next…my legs are killing me. I also went to gym twice since then. I have lost a clear 0.8″ off my lower ab. It is the only thing I measure and my fingers are a little thinner. I have not been on a scale. Haven’t weighed myself in years. I go by the tape measure, the way my clothes look and my fingers – which thin out a lot when I lose weight. I am not sure if it is the new exercise thrown in that is doing this or a combo of the Phenpendrine and the exercise. Once this bottle is finished I will be back on my Oxy because that I know for a fact that works

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