48 Hour Acai Berry Detox

For many of us, our daily diet is simply not helping us get healthier.  Every once in a while, it’s a good idea to “clean out” the pipes, if you know what I mean and then continue with a healthier diet.  The 48 Hour Acai Berry Detox, from Garden Greens nutrition is advertised as a quick solution for those looking to flush out some of the “unnecessaries” in the digestive system.  How does it compare to the market and does it work?

The Detox Down-low

There are a number of generic “detox” recipes available online, including lemon or lime juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper.  These tend to be taken with clay products and salt-water flushes to help clean out the intestines.  All of these ingredients combined is a solution that’s really not too expensive or difficult to come-by.  So looking at what this product offers, I was not particularly impressed:

Though it doesn’t list the exact concentrations, the active ingredients in each dose are 14 grams of

  • Lemon Juice
  • Grape Juice
  • Cranberry juice
  • Maple Syrup
  • Acai berry extract
  • Cayenne Pepper

In each bottle, you get about 8 doses meant to be taken over 48 hours while not eating anything else.  The only real exotic or expensive ingredient here is acai berry, which aside from being a good source of antioxidants isn’t necessarily a crucial addition to the classic cleanse formula.

48 Hour Detox Value

Though I will hand it to them for conveniently organizing these ingredients into a concentrate, I am sure you can get the necessary ingredients for a good cleanse for cheaper than the $15 pluse $5 shipping that you’ll have to fork over for this product.  In general, this is not a bad product and acai berry is actually a great antioxidant source, but there is also no way of knowing how much is in here anyway.

Essentially, what I am saying is that this product is nice and not too bad of a deal, but also doesn’t particularly impress me as far as colon cleansers go.  I don’t recommend it is a top-choice in this category.

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Aquafull or “Full of it?”

Aquafull, a diet drink intended to be used in conjunction with the “Fullbar”, is claimed to help hydrate you and give you an extra sensation of being “full”, or at least help you fight cravings.

The main issue for so many dieters is fighting those cravings.  Though the real key is finding a healthy activity to do as a distraction (like going for a walk or excercising), some products exist that help reduce appetite.  Often drink-mixes are good ways of getting these supplements, but lets check to see if Aquafull is worth its salt…or mix powder as the case may be.

Formula for Fullness

Aquafull comes in two flavors, which differ only very slightly in ingredients: Berry Bliss and Zesty Lemon Tea. Aside from different flavorings and the Lemon Tea flavor containing .5 grams more of green tea extract, the main active ingredient here is 100 mg of Gymneme Sylvestre.

According to a 2007 study available on Pubmed.com, Gymnema Sylvestre contains gymnemic acids which have an arrangement “similar to that of glucose molecules. These molecules fill the receptor locations on the taste buds thereby preventing its activation by sugar molecules present in the food, thereby curbing the sugar craving.”  For this reason, the ingredient has been used to aid diabetics with sugar cravings, but it is unclear whether the curbing of only sugar cravings will cause a significant effect in weight loss. As well, the actual dosage here seems to be a little weak to cause an effect.

The Price of Full

Ignoring the package deal that is offered for both the fullbar and aquafull, it appears that it is sold in only 20-day packages, which cost $20 each plus $5 for shipping.  This is a little high of a price considering the fairly basic composition of the drink.  Clearly it’s not a scam, just not really the best value I’ve seen for a gymneme sylvestre product.  I don’t recommend Aquafull.

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Vyo-Tech Hybrid 7

“Shut’s down the munchies”

According to the company, this innovative product is a clinically proven way to fight cravings and especially “late-night munchies”.  I’m not sure if they’re aware, but usually that term refers to the hunger you get when you’ve been smoking marijuana…which is what it seems too many diet pill producers have been smoking.  What is Vyo-Tech Hybrid 7 really all about?

The Hybrid 7 Solution to the “Dark Hours”

The main focus of this product, as it is caffeine-free, is to cut down on the cravings that come in what it calls the “dark hours” of dieting: 4 pm to midnight.

Though for most losing weight, there isn’t an hour that goes by that doesn’t bring a temptation for a snack, there is some truth to the idea of afternoon and evening snacking.  Usually stresses of the day start kicking in at this point, which causes extra temptation to snack.  So if there is a solution to this, it lies in the…

Hybrid 7 Ingredients:

The only ingredient actually disclosed for this product is Caralluma Fimbriata, an Indian cactus-like plant that does have some significant proof of helping to reduce appetite.  The catch is that we have no idea if enough of this ingredient is included in each dose.  The fact that the company doesn’t disclose the specifics is a serious red flag.

Hybrid 7 Conclusion

Unfortunately, because of the lack of clear information provided by the company, I cannot recommend this product.  Not only does it appear very doubtful that the product is effective, it also appears to be a rip-off as it asks for almost $70 per bottle.  This product seems to be likely to make your dark hours a little darker for having paid so much for an impotent diet product.

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A patch of hope?

For so many smoker’s the patch is a great option as it deliver nicotine to help relieve their cravings,  but can the same thing work for a diet pill?  What kind of chemicals could reduce cravings?

Some diet patches deliver amounts of caffeine, which can reduce cravings and boot metabolism, but this isn’t really any better than a pill is it?  Well, Phenter-Patch claims to be a prescription-strength diet patch, which one can only assume means it has more potency than just some caffeine or other basic chemicals.

Phenter-Patch Formula

What I found on the Phenter-Patch solution was severely disappointing.  Each patch contains the following percentage breakdown of ingredients, though the company neglects to tell us exactly how much of each ingredient you’ll absorb:

  • 54.7% Water
  • 15% Glycerin
  • 15% Sorbitol
  • 5% Povidone K90
  • 3% Triethanolamine
  • 3% Ethanol
  • 1% Hydrococtyl
  • 1% Carrot Essence
  • .3% Imidurea
  • .005% Capsaicin

So other than the knowledge that half of what your buying is just water, you’ve also got the comfort of knowing that nothing else in this list contributes to weight loss or craving-reduction.  Glycerin and sorbitol are both essentially laxatives which are not necessarily even recommended for that purpose.  The other ingredients have a negligible effect and, lastly, capsaicin is known to cause burning when brought in contact with the skin.  It is included presumably to make you feel like the patch is actually doing something.

Phenter-Patch Conclusion

Not for any amount of money would this product be worth a try.  The “free” sample will only be a waste of shipping cost and the $40 for a 4-week supply would be a horrible waste.  Don’t even consider this product even if it has a guarantee.

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Testoripped Review

TestoRippedRev004TestoRipped is for men hoping to burn fat, gain muscle, and increase libido. As far as we can tell, every man is looking for at least one of these outcomes. Most health supplements make big claims, but it is rare that they actually follow through with these claims. We are going to take a close look at each of TestoRipped’s claims and find out if they have any validity.

TestoRipped Fat-Burning Ingredients

Caffeine Anhydrous: This ingredient is commonly misunderstood. Most people see it as a source of increased energy – and it is. But there is much more behind this stimulant, and especially caffeine anhydrous. Caffeine burns fat by stimulating thermogenesis. It also intensifies your work out by not only increasing energy but also enhancing focus, clarity and decreasing the sensation of pain.

Synephrine: This ingredient is known as ephedra’s chemical cousin. In fact, it has the same benefits as ephedra (though not as strong), especially when stacked with caffeine.

Guggulsterones: This ingredient facilitates weight loss through controlling your thyroid. The best part is that guggulesterones don’t strip away your muscle, which makes it perfect for men especially.

Yohimbine: Yohimbine burns fat in your lower back and love handle area in particular. It also stimulates your sex drive.

Muscle-enhancing Ingredients

Eurycoma Longifolia: Studies on this extract have shown that the average male serum testosterone level rose by 100% after just 2 weeks of using Eurycoma Longifolia. In this case, more testosterone equals bigger muscle gains and increased sex drive.

Tribulus Terrestris: If you’re into body building, you’ve likely heard of tribulus terrestris. It safely increases testosterone levels. Obviously, this helps build muscle. Tribulus has also been shown to burn fat.

Creatine Ethyl Ester: This new form of creatine gives you the same results (some say better, but no clinical evidence yet) as creatine monohydrate without the creatine bloat.

L-Glutamine: This ingredient decreases recovery time and increases endurance.

Arginine AKG: It increases nitric oxide levels. This helps build muscle by enlarging your blood vessels, which allows more nutrients to flow from your body to your muscles. The more nutrients your muscles get, the faster they grow. This has become a standard pre-workout ingredient.

Horny Goat Weed: It’s all in the name. Making you horny isn’t exactly the scientific term for stimulation but it makes the point. Something inside this goat weed acts as a natural aphrodisiac and is often included in western treatments to weak sex drive and impotence.

Fenugreek: A basic testosterone booster; those increased level of testosterone come in handy when your looking for improved sex drive and muscle mass. Fenugreek increases free testosterone in the blood stream and lean muscle mass.

Our TestoRipped Conclusion

We like this ingredient lineup. The negative is that we don’t know how much of each ingredient they put in each serving. Because of this, we aren’t convinced it is a good solution to weight loss. However, it does have a money back guarantee, meaning that if you aren’t happy with the results you see, you can just return it for your money back.


BullsEye7 – Just a Little Bit Off The Mark?

I think so. To give you a little background information about BullEye7, well, there is no background information. It seems as though this pill came from nowhere. I’ve never heard of it. In fact, I’ve never heard of the company that makes it. This makes me a little suspect, but I’m open minded and am willing to give BullsEye7 the benefit of the doubt.

What’s in BullsEye7?

It includes 555mg of 4 ingredients: Green Tea, Ashwangandha, Caffeine and Guarana. There is nothing new or spectacular about what BullsEye7 has decided to put in here. Caffeine and GreenTea are good thermogenic enhancers, but even if all 555mg of BullsEye7 was green tea, it still wouldn’t be enough to give you optimal results. Guarana contains no benefit other than some additional caffeine.

Ashwangandha is the most unique ingredient in BullsEye7. Unfortunately, there is no clinical research proving it’s an effective weight loss aid.

The BullsEye7 Bottom Line

At $49.95 a bottle, BullsEye7 is basically an overpriced cup of green tea. You could go out and buy all of these ingredients for $10-$14. However, if you’re seriously looking to lose weight, I’d recommend reading below.

Slim Splash

Slim Splash – A Slim Scam?

Many have not heard of Slim Splash, a drink mix aimed at helping you get weight-loss results and increased energy.  That I hadn’t heard of it before made it pretty suspect as either a new version of some old product or a new rip-off.  I was a little skeptical just hearing the name, but as good products don’t always go by good names, I’ve decided to take a closer look here to see what Slim Splash really might have to offer.

Slim Splash Breakdown

This drink mix comes in packets containing a proprietary (they don’t tell you the concentrations) blend of:

  • Green tea
  • Acai berry extract
  • Guarana seed extract
  • Stevia leaf extract

As for the first three ingredients, they are well-known and widely used sources of both caffeine and antioxidants – typically a good combination to help boost your metabolism.  Stevia leaf is an herb that has long been used as a sweetener and has even been developed by PepsiCo for use as a sweetener in some of their products.  However, the weight-loss effects of this ingredient are uncertain.  My main issue with this formula is that it only contains 225mg between the four ingredients, which means that you may get either a decent dose of caffeine or a decent dose of antioxidants, but probably not both.

Slim Splash Ripoff

This company charges the OUTRAGEOUS price of $130 for a 30-day supply of this stuff, but it offers a “10-day free trial”, which apparently signs you up to get charged just as much if you don’t cancel in time.

There is simply no way in hades that this product is worth even 1/8 the price it asks.  Don’t spend another minute thinking about this product.

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What is SlimBurst?

SlimBurst is one of a three-part program called Look Cut designed by Dean Tornabene.  The other two products, which are part of the three-part program, are: CST Boost and Coco Trim.  “SlimBurst encourages metabolism, fat loss and energy production through ‘core cooling’.”  Core cooling can be related to calories burned when your body shivers due to reduced temperatures.  By increasing the body’s metabolism, the stored fat found within is burned off and used for energy.

What role does SlimBurst play in the Look Cut three-part process?

SlimBurst is the main metabolism mover.  CST Boost is used to jump start the metabolism, and SlimBurst picks up where CST Boost leaves off.  With SlimBurst’s proprietary “Thermo Lipo Control” formula, SlimBurst is used to safely burn fat.

What are the results of using SlimBurst?

According to their website, the results of using SlimBurst are: “Core cooling” may encourage stubborn metabolism, enhance thermogenesis (process of heat production in organisms), and users report greater energy.

Is SlimBurst right for you?

As previously mentioned, SlimBurst is part of a three part program.  If you are already struggling with the hassles of losing weight, trying to tackle the management of three different supplements may be a little overbearing – because of which, many consumers like you have found success in simplified, one-step process types of weight loss products.

SlimBurst Conclusion

Losing weight should be a challenge met with a reward – the ultimate reward being a fit and healthy body.  When your time losing weight is spent stressing over different supplements and constantly forking out more and more money, the reward is a lot less enjoyable.  SlimBurst is sold for a retail price of $29.90, add that to the other products in the Look Cut program, and you’ve made quite the commitment.

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What is CST Boost?

According to Dean Tornabene, CST Boost is one-third of his Look Cut weight loss program.  According to its website, “CST Boost was designed to amplify and maximize the fat burning and energy effects of Coco Trim and Slim Burst.”  It then goes on to say that when taken in conjunction with either of the aforementioned products “may” jump-start stubborn metabolisms or those at a plateau with their weight loss program.

Why does CST Boost need to be taken with other products?

Weight loss is hard enough already; the last thing that you want to worry about is the effective combination of multiple (three in this case) supplements.  However, many weight loss supplements try to pawn off a single ‘super’ pill with endless benefits all resulting from the same capsule.  Accordingly, the Look Cut program targets different areas of weight loss with each of its pills.

Doe CST Boost Work?

As mentioned in the previous section, for an ingredient or formula to be effective it needs to be taken in the prescribed quantity.  By breaking up the Look Cut program, it is promising to believe you are getting the amounts you need.  However, CST boost, in its completely separate form of a pill, is merely used to “jump start” your metabolism and only “may” actually do it.

CST Boost Conclusion

The price of $29.90 in and of itself is quite competitive, but when you add that to the prices you need to pay for the two other parts of Dean Tornabene’s three-part program, you may be a little low on the cash side.

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What is Cis-9 Trans-11?

More than just abbreviated words and numbers, Cis-9 Tran-11 is, according to their website, a “Mysterious weight loss secret that melts belly flab.”  Nobody likes to gain weight, and furthermore, nobody likes to gain weight in the midsection.  Cis-9 Trans-11 works to dissolve belly fat, increase weight loss, boost energy, strengthen immunity, enhance the libido, block carbs, and relieve stress.  Wow! That is a lot of potential!

Does Cis-9 Trans-11 really work?

Cis-9 Trans-11 comes in a bottle in capsule form.  One little capsule held in between your fingertips is supposed to produce all of the aforementioned benefits, sound a little too good to be true? In this writer’s opinion, it is hard to effectively cram in so many benefits into such a tiny pill.  The consequences are sub-par results in each of the specified beneficial areas.

Cis-9 Trans-11 Marketing

If a product is truly good as it is said to be, it will naturally sell itself.  Whenever you come across a product that pressures an immediate sale or “risk free” trial offer – you know you are getting taken advantage of.  Cis-9 Trans-11 offers more than a free trial, but there is a big push to buy more and save more.  We all like to save a little money, but we also like to experience the expected results.

Cis-9 Trans-11 Conclusion

The claims made by Cis-9 Trans-11 may be fanciful and titillating, nonetheless, buyer beware.  Unfortunately sometimes the best way to find out if a product actually works or not is trying it for ourselves.  The negative consequence of this is the wasted time and money if we don’t get the results we were hoping for.

To bypass the frustration of unreachable goals, keep reading below to find out which products have already been tried and tested by consumers like you and been rated as the best of the best!

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