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Right Size Smoothies Review

The “Right Size” brand name does tend to beg the question, “What really is the ‘right’ size, anyway?”

The truth is that everyone has a different “right size,” but these days many of us are a little above it. The key is maintaining a healthy diet and a regular exercise program – and a few diet pills for energy and vitality can definitely help.

The Right Size smoothies and similar products offer the prospect of getting slimmer by drinking away your problems—just with nutritious smoothies full of natural ingredients proven to reduce body fat.

But can that actually work? And why is buying Right Size Smoothies a better option than making your own? Let’s find out.

The Right Size Difference

There are a number of smoothie or diet drink mix products out there, so what makes Right Size any more “right” than the others?

The only real difference I see is that Right Size includes a patented formula in their products that they call Appemine. Appemine is said to be a natural appetite suppressant derived from green tea, guarana seeds, galangal roots, and cinnamon twigs. So what do those do? Here’s a quick look.

Green Tea is one of the best natural fat burners on the market right now. It not only suppresses the appetite, it heats up the body’s core temperature and sparks thermogenesis, which leads to increased fat burning. However, it needs to be included in the right amounts and we don’t know anything about how much Green Tea is in Appemine.
Guarana Seeds contain four times as much caffeine as the average coffee bean, which means they’re a natural stimulant that can spark fat burning in much the same way as green tea. And with that much caffeine running through your system, you’ll be sure not to want any extra food.
Galangal Roots are also known as Blue ginger, and are commonly used as a tonic and stimulant in South East Asia. It is also known as an herbal fat blocker, which means it stops fat from being digested and turned into excess adipose tissue. However, there is no clinical evidence verifying these claims.
Cinnamon Twigs controls blood sugar levels, which means it may have appetite-controlling properties, but this may not be true for everyone.

Right Size Smoothies Cost

From the $30 per bottle basic vitamins to the $55 per package smoothie mixes, the price is definitely higher than it should be. If it offered anything other than what is commonly used in other, much cheaper diet shakes, we might be tempted to try it.

However, considering how expensive it is and how few fat-burning ingredients it contains, we can’t justify trying Right Size Smoothies or recommending it to dieters.

It would be a much better option to take a few of these effective ingredients and create a smoothie that includes more of your favorite things. This way, you’ll save money and any caffeine-related side effects from guarana.

The Bottom Line

Basically, the Right Size Smoothie and vitamin line boils down to a very well-marketed, but very average diet supplement campaign. We see nothing here that will help you lose significant weight and the price is over and above what you are getting.

If you are looking for new products to try, there are definitely less pleasant things you can try, but don’t expect much in the way of help for your weight loss goals.

If you are looking for the extra energy you need to jump start your workout plan or truly comprehensive diet supplements, check out the top-rated products below.

Tried Right Size Smoothies? Tell us what you think.

  1. dorothydesano Says:

    yesterday i ordered or at least i tried to order smoothies frm your company but never had a chance to talk to a human just a tape! so i am cancelling my order? please take me off your list of people to mail your product to.
    Dorothy desano
    500 eagle pt. rock creek ohio 44084

  2. lexx Says:

    what is the age limit thats required for the drink?

  3. Eric Says:

    On my 3rd day with right size. I ordered over the phone the berry, cappacino, and vanilla. All 3 are quite delicious. Can’t imagine it really works. I figured for the 30 day money back guarantee I would try it. If you are looking to try it and concerned about how it might taste it is excellent.

  4. LYNN CARTER Says:

    I ordered the right size smoothies and waiting to see if it really works like the commercial states it do. I hope that this is not a scam like most seen as tv commercials are.

  5. Bob Collier Says:

    Others say it tastes great. It does but it also smells. The powder mix did not smell good to me but I have been using it for several days now and I am not hungry AT ALL. Different things work differently for different people. That’s a mouthful. I have tried dozens of products and Right Size seems to suit me.

  6. Joyce Says:

    I have been using the smoothies for about 3 days now. Although I haven’t really noticed any weight loss, I feel pretty good! A little more alert, but not jittery. I am a bit of a caffiene-aholic so…. I tried the Lean CoCoa Bean and the taste is surprising good to me. I mix it with pulverized ice and 1% milk. I use alot of ice to increase the volume. It is helping me with appetite control. Before starting them, my appetite was completely out of control and I was hungrey ALL the time. My metabolism was completely out of whack and even when I tried to maintain a good diet and eat well, I gained weight. So I’m willing to give this a go and give it an honest try. It is too expensive and I was pretty disappointed to find out it would cost $120.00 to keep the two cans. The jury is still out on if I will keep or return the 2nd can. I am hoping this product lives up to the claims. Of course the best way to lose those unwanted pounds is just to eat fewer calories and exercise.

  7. mama T Says:

    Right Size Smoothies is now available at your local CVS drug store for $34.99.

  8. penny michik Says:

    want to know more about info. on right side smooties trial offer. how much is shipping and handling and let me know if the trial offer is still going on. thanks penny.

  9. Chris Fletdher Says:

    This company ripped me off! I returned the product with in a week of delivery and they charged my credit card a huge amount! I’ve reported them to the TV Station where I saw there add and also to the BBS. They also sold my information to other companys.
    I stated receiveing calls with in days of placing my order. Now trying to contact them by phone is a joke. No one picks up. I’m fighting the charge on my creidt card. DO NOT BY THIS PRODUCT!!!

  10. betxz Says:

    it is a total scam!!! i am about to contact my attny in regard to the horrid customer service, three time calling to attempt for cancellation (plus a written email to cancel),l being hung up upon and overcharging my credit card. this is NOT a good product at all despite the customer service. i tried it during the summer and found no weight loss whatsoever! i thought i would try it again and this is where all of the problems increased exponentially.

  11. Sergio Says:


  12. Lana Says:

    9 years ago I used Right Size for 18 months and lost 92 lbs, went from a size (very tight) 22W to a size 8!! And kept it off up until last summer, I have put on 20 lbs, totally my own fault!! I started back on the the Right Size and feel great, it gives me energy and the Appemine is great. Yes, It is very pricey but it works for me and I’m worth it. one week 6 lbs…mostly water weight but it’s a start!!!

  13. Patafilo Says:

    im doing it now for a week and i notice the change in my body and my clothes are loose. im gonna keep doing it for two more weeks until the day im gone for vacation!! and yes they have it in cvs now…..

  14. Blessed0811 Says:

    Okay so im trying the right size smoothie as a 30 day challenge i will keep u guys updated on if works since no one else has.

  15. Ann Says:

    This is my second time, and my first time i was quit impressed, lost 2o pounds, i have 10 more to go. so I started back up, and I feel great using it,. I already see a difference in body with how my clothes fit..will keep u posted.

  16. greensmoothiequeen Says:

    waste of money! get a vitamix and make your own smoothies

  17. Carladlomax Says:

    i need to know how to get my right side smoothie

  18. Weett16 Says:

    what is the sensible meal in your opinion. I just got this today and I would like to loose a quite a bit. Just curious as to what the secret is.

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