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Sensa Review


Sensa gives dieting a whole new twist, supposedly revolutionizing the way we lose those last few pounds with its unique approach to weight loss.

Sick of depriving yourself of your favorite foods? Tired of feeling starved all the time? Sensa throws these old dieting techniques out the window by supposedly limiting how much food you eat rather than limiting what kinds.

Manufacturers would have us believe that by sprinkling Sensa “tastants” on your food, you’ll feel fuller faster. With Sensa, you can still enjoy your favorite foods and cut back on calories at the same time, much in the same way that pills like Apidexin work to suppress appetite through other means.

We love it when we can find original methods for losing weight, but somehow this magic fairy dust of the weight loss kingdom strikes us as a little bit too good to be true. Let’s do a little digging to see what kind of dirt we can find on Sensa’s weight loss program.

How Does It Work?

In very simplified terms, Sensa is controlled eating. If you eat fewer calories, your body will naturally burn more fat through your body’s metabolism. If you add exercise on top of eating fewer calories, you will burn even more calories so that you can lose weight faster.

Sensa works by helping you feel full so you eat fewer calories than you need each day. It does this by triggering the “satiety center” of the brain so that you start to feel full and satisfied before you are actually full and satisfied.

These Tastants are composed of three zero-calorie ingredients: Maltodextrin, Tricalcium Phosphate, and Silica. They’re all-natural and vegetarian friendly, but they’re not exactly the most reliable ingredients for weight loss.

Maltodextrin, for example, is a type of sugar that is quickly metabolized into glucose (which defeats the purpose of cutting back on calories), while Tricalcium Phosphate is a type of salt. Silica is the only useful ingredient in the bunch because it makes a great source of calcium and can help build strong bones, but overall, none of these ingredients have been clinically proven to regulate appetite or boost metabolism.

How Much Does It Cost?

The six month ‘Starter Kit with Autoship’ costs $354.00, making it about $54 per month. This means that it is a really affordable solution to weight loss, compared to other weight loss options, but for such tiny packets and very few ingredients in its formula, we can’t help but wonder who’s really getting the better deal.

If you are the type of person who is on the verge of losing weight and all you need is a little extra help on feeling full, the Sensa Tastants may be right up your alley. On the other hand, if you think that $354.00 is too much to pay, try eating healthy amounts on your own. The slight feelings of hunger could be challenge at first, but in time your body will grow accustomed to its newer (and healthier) diet.

The Company Behind Sensa

Sensa is manufactured and distributed by Sensa Products LLC, a company based out of El Segunda, California. It is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau, and currently holds an A+ rating. This stands in stark contrast to the millions of diet pill companies that have F ratings and don’t bother trying to operate reliable and efficient businesses.

Sensa has been praised for having little to no complaints, and responding to the ones it did garner in a timely manner. It also provided extra background information on itself to make it easily accessible to the public.

Above all, Sensa has been operating since 2008, making it a fairly reliable name in the dietary supplement industry.


Sensa takes a new approach to weight loss. Considering that the majority of overweight Americans haven’t considered taking any approach to weight loss at all, eating healthy portions is a good start and the Sensa Tastants might be exactly what you need.

On the other hand, if you feel as though you are eating healthily already and still can’t seem to reach your weight loss goals, then Sensa might not be the best option. In that case, it may be a good idea to add supplements like Apidexin to your diet.

Since Sensa lacks the necessary fat burners or energy enhancers necessary to lose weight and keep it off, and without adequate clinical research, Sensa seems to be more of a fad diet than an effective technique, however reliable their company.

Keep reading below to find out which weight loss products have been rated as the best by consumers like you. Don’t forget to check our top rated diet pills and read the reviews.

Tried Sensa? Tell us what you think.

  1. Tom Says:

    I really like Sensa but I do not know how they make any money when they sell a two month supply for about $5.00.

    I have been on Sensa for 2 moths now and I have lost 13 pounds and I have only watched what I eat. I am impressed with the stuff. The ONLY place I have seen the 2 months for about $5.00 is a tiny blog @ Sensasolution.com

  2. josie bond Says:

    Just bought Sensa for 5.00 the trial offer and I am ready to call them and cancel my order before it even gets here! 89.00 dollars every two months is just not worth it. I can eat healthy portions all on my own I don’t need to pay 89.00 for that.

  3. Mike Says:

    You guys have no patient at all. If you want more information on sensa visit this site
    With determination and the right foods you can lose weight. Don’t get discouraged so fast.

  4. Mary Says:

    Am I allowed to mix Sensa with prescribe Phentermine?

  5. Anthony Says:

    I have never tried sensa but my wife and I tried the HCG Diet and I lost 50 lbs and she lost 60 lbs. We used the HCG Drops that we got at http://wwww.hcgxtremeweightloss.com Can anyone explain to me how the Sensa Diet works

  6. Anthony Says:

    I have never tried sensa but my wife and I tried the HCG Diet and I lost 50 lbs and she lost 60 lbs. We used the HCG Drops that we got at xtremeweightloss Can anyone explain to me how the Sensa Diet works

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