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Skinny Fiber Pills

Guess what, maybe you missed it, but there are fibers that can help you to melt away fat, get rid of annoying fat stores, and reshape your body! Wait, that’s not right. We’re all about caffeine….or are we? Studies have shown that not all fat burners have to be stimulant free, and better yet, some healthy weight loss supplements are based entirely on fiber.

Skinny Fiber Pills make all of these things sound amazing, and this particular product does have some clinically proven weight loss ingredients. Skinny Fiber Pills use ingredients such as glucomannan and caralluma fimbriata, both of which have been clinically proven to suppress appetite. Cha de bugre isn’t exactly known to be a weight loss ingredient at all, but 2 out of 3 isn’t necessarily bad in this industry. You would just need that extra kick.

Do Skinny Fiber Pills Have the Clinically Proven Amounts?

Skinny Fiber Pills has 2 clinically proven weight loss ingredients, both of which can be used to suppress appetite under the right circumstances. All you would need from there would be the clinically proven amounts of each of those ingredients, but that’s exactly where Skinny Fiber Pills fall short.

Skinny Fiber Pills may use 2 clinically proven appetite suppressants, but the website does not list the amounts used. This wouldn’t necessarily be such a big deal if each ingredient only required 50mg, but that is not how things are. Both caralluma fimbriata and glucomannan require at least 1000mg each to promote any clinically proven appetite suppressing or weight loss benefits.

When the ingredients in any product require those amounts, it is vital to have all of the applicable information. In addition, we find that Skinny Fiber Pills use some questionable tactics to catch their big fish (meaning you).

The Free Trial Offer

This tactic has been used by companies before, and it never really gets better. Every time, we find that a “free trial offer” typically denotes an unreliable product that does not have a clinically proven weight loss blend. Whether or not the product has clinically proven ingredients and looks good at first, the fact is that the companies behind products like Skinny Fiber Pills have to trick you into buying their product. That should tell you just how trustworthy the product is going to be.

Should You Try Skinny Fiber Pills?

Skinny Fiber Pills use ingredients that have been clinically proven. However, this pill falls into the same trap that many other competitors fall into. This company chooses not to reveal important information including the doses of each ingredient, which are essential if you really want to know anything about the product itself.

So far, Skinny Fiber Pills seem to be questionable at best. This formula is based on hype such as the “free trial offer” that the blend has to use to get you to buy right now, on impulse, ideally without really thinking about what you are doing first. That should tell you enough in and of itself.

Tried Skinny Fiber Pills? Tell us what you think.

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