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Slim4Life is a weight loss control center that has locations in Kansas and Missouri. There, weight loss consultants offer individuals personalized counseling and diet plans. There is also an online program for people who don’t live in either state.

Slim4Life works with you to design a weight loss program that’s specifically made to meet your needs and lifestyle.

The programs are designed around your specific needs and around food that you can purchase at the grocery store, or foods you can even eat at restaurants. It is also meant to help you get the benefits that others wish to find through Apidexin and other weight loss supplements.

So are there any catches with Slim4Life? Can it really help you get back on track? Let’s look into this weight loss program a little more

Slim4Life History

According to the official website, the Slim4Life Weight Loss Program was born in 1979 and has a track record of more than 30 years. It was designed by a team of medical doctors, nutritionists, and counseling psychologists to help members of the community become healthier and better satisfied with the body they have.

Originally starting as a referral-only business, Slim4Life finally opened as a weight loss center in the Kansas City Metro Area in 1998. They now have locations in Leawood, Olate, Overland Parks, and Shawnee, as well as in Missouri in Gladstone, Grandview, Independence, Lee’s Summit, St. Joseph, and Zona Rosa.

Slim4Life Cost

The official website for Slim4Life does not offer pricing on their programs, but does provide a phone number and offers a free consultation so you can decide if it works for you.

However, previous clients have cited numbers ranging from $1,000 to $1,600, so chances are that Slim4Life will be quite expensive. Purchasing supplements from Slim4Life will add another $3000 or so on top of that. Plan for a price tag into the thousands if you go this route.

Offering three different programs, Slim4Life believes they can help you lose up to 30 pounds in just 30 days for what they deem an “affordable cost.” Online, you are eligible for $50.00 off a full program with online counseling.

The Slim4Life Programs available include:

• Slim4Life Program—For the individual
• Slim4Life Family Program—A wellness program designed for family groups
• Slim4Life Home Program—A program for people who live outside Kansas and Missouri

All programs come with meal plans using easily available, grocery store food and recommended supplements designed by Slim4Life. You don’t have to take the supplements, but it is highly encouraged that you do.

While you are on this program, you are required to check in three times a week to weigh in and discuss your progress. They also ask that you don’t exercise, and if you do, you need permission.

Slim4Life Pros

• Significant weight loss
• Accountability for diet schedule
• Plans designed specifically for you
• Plans that can be designed for your entire family
• Free consultation
• Not required to eat pre-packaged food

Slim4Life Cons

• May be an expensive way to lose weight
• Personal consultation only available in two states and a total of 10 cities
• No pricing information on their official website
• Customers complain of feeling weak and unhappy while on the diet plan
• No attention given to being physically active

What Do Customers Say?

Previous clients of Slim4Life have expressed largely negative experiences. While nearly all say they lost weight, they cite feelings of hunger, physical weakness, and excessive prices as reasons for their dissatisfaction.

You should also know that Slim4Life doesn’t guarantee the same personal counselor with each consultation. Instead, there is a rotating staff and some customers have even complained of a high turnover rate with employees.

Slim4Life may also be inconvenient if you have a busy lifestyle. The three-times-per-week trips usually take between 20 to 30 minutes, and that time adds up—especially when you have other commitments.

Customers also say the Slim4Life diet plans customized for them were far too strict too quickly. Despite being advertised as a versatile plan that allows you to eat your favorite foods, many people say that eating out was impossibility and structuring their weekly eating schedule was frustrating and difficult. For people on the go, this is a close to impossible requirement.

Overall Impression

Slim4Life is not a program that offers a plan that is designed with both a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine in mind, but rather just a healthy diet. Of course, there are ways to lose a few pounds quickly, but this type of system is meant for a more permanent lifestyle change.

If you’re an individual who’s looking for a program that encompasses both, Slim4Life probably isn’t the best option for you. Although Slim4Life will work with you to lose weight by only eating better, Slim4Life will not provide you with consultation on exercise.

As many people know, for most individuals, the best way to lose weight is to eat a healthy diet and participate in a regular exercise routine to both slim down and tone your body. If that’s something you’re looking for, a membership to a gym would probably be more beneficial along with seeing a nutritionist to help you with better eating choices.

However, if you’re an individual who solely needs assistance in meal plans that are healthy and will aid you in weight loss, Slim4Life is a good option because the plans will be specifically designed for your needs. However, make sure you have the time and the will power, because Slim4Life is very demanding.

If you are one that is looking more toward a support for your current system, looking into a weight loss supplement like Apidexin may be a good idea as well.

Tried Slim4Life? Tell us what you think.

  1. Michelle Says:

    You are right. Slimgenics (formerly Slim-4-Life) is way over priced and have very pushy people. They also “require” (their word) that you have 5-6 of their chemically manufactured foods and pills per day along with regular food. It appears that those chemicals have created health problems for me. These have been diagnosed by my doctors. Problems that I did not have before using the products and when I kept telling their “counsulors” that the products were making me sick, they just snickered and ignored me. But, repeated that they “were required” for the “Plan.” Well I finally went into anaphlactic (sp?) shock and ended up in the hospital. So the products are being tested. After I had the problem I checked the Better Business Bureau to see what they had to say about the company in my state. There is a huge list of serious complaints. This could be why they just recently changed their corporate name and contracts. Lesson learned. Check up on a company before you buy into their plan. Where this will end up I don’t know but I would seriously warn against using the Slimgenics program.

  2. Ramona Says:

    I lost 50 lbs on Slim4Life. However, I too thought it was a huge mess the way this company is run. You never see the same person, the turnover with employees is huge, they don’t display or let you know if they are certified to do this job, they won’t give you the corporate address, they say they will report issues and don’t, they are way over priced, the pills really are not what they are cracked up to be. I went to Whole Foods with the bottles in hand and had a very helpful person help me get the same supplements, that were real and better for you, at a fraction of the price. If I had it to do over I probably would join but with less money to give and wiser decisions on their “snacks”.

  3. Stephanie Says:

    I am so mad I didn’t look into SlimGenics before I signed up! The web site made it sound so great. It is the worst plan I have ever tried. I feel week and hungry, they tell me to eat more Lite salt??? The adds are very miss leading, you can’t eat real food with your family, and the extra stuff that is required to purchase is outradious! They don’t tell you how much you’ll be spending untill after you pay the fee to join. Now I am out $1600+++ and still over weight.

  4. Anne Says:

    I also did the slim4life program. I no illefects form the program, but yes over priced and pushy. I recently had another child and lost my program package. When I called to see if I could purchase another,knowing the woul not just give me one, I was told I would have to pay for a whole new program. Just to get a folder with some papers in! But I can still go and buy there over priced supplements!!!

  5. Tammy Says:

    I signed up for Slimgenics and found their program extremely difficult. Their supplements gave me horrible gas and I couldn’t be too far from a bathroom, which makes it next to impossible to do my job, because I’m in a courtroom most days. I agree their program is E X P E N S I V E!! I have quit the program and I do not regret it. When they say you can eat normal food, that’s not true, and there is an awful lot of preplanning to be able to follow their diet. If you have the ability to be by a bathroom at all times, and you don’t care if someone smells your “burn-the- hairs-in-your-nose-off gas”and “make-your-eyes-water gas, then I say go for it! I would NEVER recommend this program to anyone, not even my worst enemy!!! Slimgenics, you suck!

  6. TJ Says:

    Wow. I went online to find out what people think about slim4life. I was going to start it, but now I will rethink my choice. I really need help, and the standard exercise and eat well does not work for me. Any ideas to offer, would be greatful.

  7. Diane Says:

    I started this program 5 weeks ago and agree it can challenge you. And yes, it does cost, but I found that this program keeps me accountable. I have lost 13 pounds which is lower than the 3 to 5 pounds per week often associated with Slimgenics, but I have not lost 13 pounds in years. I am motivated and have adopted a regular exercise program and I am eating healthy. My husband did not join, but is mirroring the program along with me and has lost 24 pounds in the same amount of time. Another plus, it gives us both another thing in common by finding ways to adapt our favorite foods (Mexican) into a healthier recipe. I also have a co-worker who did the program and has lost over 35 pounds and looks fantastic. As far as the staff, Parker and Castle Rock Colorado staff are terrific. If you can’t afford it, don’t do it. If you can, it’s an excellent choice if everything else has failed for you.

  8. Susan Says:

    I have started slimgenics 10 week ago and I have lost an incredable amount of weight 35lbs to date. I have however been getting terrible dizzy spells that last hours and sometimes days. These spells started two to two and half weeks after I started the program. I have stopped taking all the slimgenics supplements and drinks, but the dizzyness ahs gotten better but has not stopped. I have been to the doctor numberous times have had every test done to man including an MRI of my brain. Every test has been normal. I also have a constiant headache that is not only irritating but very intrusive. I am torn because i want to continue to lose wieght rapidly, but I cannot take their supplements. Does anyone know if the wieghtloss slows down with not taking the spplements.

  9. Becky Says:

    @Susan – yes you can still lose weight without the supplements. A friend of mine is loosly following the program. She doesn’t take any supplements and has lost 20lbs in 4 weeks. NEVER, I repeat NEVER risk your health to lose weight. Your life is WAY more important than a number on a scale!

  10. Amy Says:

    I did Slim-4-Life about 3 years ago and lost the 25 lbs. that I wanted to lose. I thought it was a good program for me. It was expensive, but worth it to me. I took the carb-blocker and their herbal metabolizer, both of which are not cheep. But since I only took them for 10 weeks, it didn’t seem too bad. I did end up buying cheaper snacks online – same ones, but a lot cheaper. I thought the food was easy – 2 fruits, 2 veggies, 2 proteins, 2 starches, 1 fat, 1 protein snack/bar, and 1 protein drink. They give you a list of allowable items in each category. They give you some recipes and you can purchase a cookbook if you need one. It is nice to see results so quickly if you stick with it. Good luck.

  11. Jan Says:

    I joined SlimGenics 4 months ago and have lost 42 pounds so far.

    The supplements are outrageously expensive. I finally caught on and buy similar products from The Vitamin Shoppe.

    What I find made the difference for me was the snacks – there is a wide variety, 90% are absolutely delicious and satisfy different cravings (saltiness, crunchiness, chocolate, etc.).

    The other was weighing in several times a week. You don’t need an appointment. It keeps me from “sneaking” something, knowing I can make up for it before I get weighed.

    As for having no sonsistent counselor, it actually works to your advantage. You get different peoples’ perspectives and ideas.

  12. Alice Says:

    I signed up for Slim 4 life a year ago April. I lost 18lbs which got me to 157 lbs. I maintained that weight until I stopped using their supplements. Does anyone really and truly know what they put in there to create such huge weight loss in such little time? I lost 7.50 in the first week! I have never lost that much so quickly. Took only 4 months to drop all 18.
    Now my weight is creeping up and I can’t even think about spending more $$ just to loose the 9 I’ve gained back. The program cost me $2300 first go around!


  13. Lexi Says:

    I just started the program. I feel a little bit apprehensive about my decision. I really just need to join to maintain the accountability. I need to weigh in daily and have someone who can help me through plateaus and stuff. However, I do not need the supplements. I was told that the Thermo Boost had little caffeine in it, not true. There had to be some sort of energy boost because I felt like I was going to die from all the of caffeine. And it made my stomach feel terrible! I am just going to try and do it without their supplements. I will use their snacks since they’re required, but nothing else for me! They’re overpriced for one thing, but for another if you’re eating low carbs and measuring portions then you should not need all those supplements. I would rather workout an hour longer each day than put those supplements into my body.

  14. Shelley Says:

    Please do not purchase this diet program. It is expensive and anyone can lose weight eating fruits, veggies and no carbs and then down a handful of supplements filled with caffeine, laxatives and diuretics. I spent over $1800 on the plan for a lost of 33 1/2 lbs. over a six month period. I’m in my 3rd week and the buyer’s remorse has not subsided. If you do enter the plan, do not buy the food, it is costly and unnecessary (you can buy “real” food in the grocery store). I’m really angry with myself for being so foolish. A visit to the drug store for diet pills and a friend to give encouragment and accountability would have been so much wiser.

  15. Jean-Claude Says:

    I too share what seems to be a common thread.

    I’ve lost 20 lbs in a month, I’m impressed there.. But it wasn’t till after I signed up and bout a month of materials that I realized it was going to cost me $250 a month to stay on the plan..

    oh, and it is guaranteed.. if you don’t loose the weight, they will keep you on the plan for free, but you still must buy more of their stimulants.

    Don’t take Termo Boost on an empty stomach because it can give you gas or heart burn pains. Thinking of just continuing on a low carb diet instead, and not continuing this plan.

  16. aprilbill Says:

    In June I started the 6 week starter program without my husband knowing because of the price of the program…and since then I have lost 11 lbs…I notice the inches lost since I started my so called “diet”. I have run out of the supplements and now the snacks and since reading these blogs do not plan on purchasing anymore. I am a inbetween consumer…I love that the products help with toning up the waist line from the rapid weight loss but can not see spending $1000’s of dollars for something I can do from my living room and kitchen. Buyer beware!!

  17. leche22 Says:

    Hi, I just signed up for the slimgenics plan today. I am very upset because I realized how much it is really going to cost me. I am postive I cannot afford this. I understand there is no refunds. I am just womdering if you are able to quit whenever you want? Do you have to stay on the plan for the full amount of weeks to reach your goal? Or are you able to stop buying the snacks whenever you want? Please help!

  18. Jen Says:

    First of all, yes the program is expensive. I am thrilled with my weight loss so far. I also know that it is not all the PLAN, but myself doing it. I would not have done it without Slimgenics, so for that I am thankful. if you go to dietdirect.com or other similar websites, the snacks are there for much less. I take all-natural supplements that I was taking before but I do drink the Thermo-boost, only 1 per day due to caffeine content. I do find that the thermoboost helps curb appetite. If you have recently signed up, don’t give up. They do not keep track of where you purchase the snacks, so just always say that you have plenty…one of the advantages of seeing different people each time. Their plan works, just keep track of your spending and never regret what you have already spent since you can’t get it back. Just make it work for you.

  19. Kaye Says:

    I too, struggled with the fact that they wanted me to take the ridiculous amounts of pills and buy all that food. With almost 250lbs to loose (yup, 250), I need to be doing this for 2 years ($2,000 worth of “program fees” which breaks down to $10 a week). And I knew if I didn’t do something about my weight I would easily spend that with medical problems I felt developing.

    I refused to give in to their high pressure sales to buy everything in bulk at the beginning and it’s proving to pay off. I stalk craigslist for people’s left overs and when I bought these from someone she told me to look online like crazy for snack stuff and found this information. Thanks Jen for telling me about dietdirect.com!! And, I’m going to go to Whole Foods and see if someone there is willing to help me find supplements.

    Also, I know it’s really hard to find GOOD fruit and veggies at a decent price and I finally decided to venture into an Aldi store and lo and behold their fruit and veggies are amazing! $1.98 for 2lbs of beautiful green grapes! And the best part was I didn’t have to throw half of the bunch away, they were all perfect green grapes! I ended up being able to buy my weeks worth of fruit and veggies for less than $15! Just be prepared with a quarter to use a cart and bring your own bags.

  20. Jane Says:

    this plan works for those that want it to work! and yes it is expensive but if you don’t have willpower or accountability this is definitely the plan for you. i need the daily or every other day accountability to the center. i have taken the necessary precautions, i.e., thermoboosts not taken on an empty stomach, etc. it is working for me because i want it to work and this is my last resort. if you just joined and feel guilty about the cost, just figure out how much you’ve been spending monthly on other bad foods in your diet. that was the selling point for me! good luck to all of those that are still on the Plan and I wish you and me much success!

  21. Becky Says:

    I started this back the first week of August and have mixed feelings. Yes, it is expensive but I did this for the accountability more than anything and did not want to go to a place where you have to buy all the food or take shots and such.. I thought weight watchers might not be enough for me, even though now it would be since I am on a role and KNOW I can do this. I am planing on buying my supplements through ebay and the other sites to save money for the duration. It definitly is a HUGE rip-off for what they charge for the supplements and stuff, but for short term I am living with it. I have lost 36 pounds and have about 25 more to go so I am thrilled. The office that I go to has had the same girls the whole time with maybe one new face, so it hasnt been too bad, but it does get frustrating on how you get different answers from them. I only buy the chocolate peanut butter bars and sometimes the S&V snacks, but nothing else. SO, I go back and forth, but just knowing I looked so much better and my co-workers teasing me about not being able to see me when I turn sideways is a boost. I was a size 16 and will be a size 8 when I am finished.. Right now I am in baggy 12’s!!

  22. Becky Says:

    So, what supplements from the Vitamin Store match the EFA’s and Metabolizers???

  23. Janey L. Says:

    If you look at the labels on the supplements they all say exactly what is in them, so you can compare and find pretty similar products elsewhere. The bitter orange in the metabolizers is actually really bad for you (it is similar to ephedra), so you can look for another metabolizer (ask someone at a health food store to help you, I’ve gotten great advice at Sunflower Market and Vitamin Cottage) or just not take the pills. I think you do lose weight faster with the pills, but it’s not necessarily healthful.


  24. Janey L. Says:

    (sorry, typing on an iPhone, accidentally hit submit…)
    This is my second time around with SlimGenics (did it a few years ago when it was Slim4Life), and I’ve lost 32 pounds since August 3rd. Last time around, I lost just over 60 pounds (62, I think), but the staff kept pushing me to lose another 10 lbs to my official goal, (when I was already happy with my results), and I ended up falling completely off plan and missing out on the “balance and maintenance” part, where you supposedly get to add back all the food you can’t eat while losing weight. Since I did the plan before, I had some leftover protien snacks, so I’ve been using that to cover up that I’m buying snacks elsewhere (FamilyBariatric.com – I just got 108 servings for $120, compared to the current “special” of $259 for 15 5-7 serving boxes – SlimGenics shorts you 2 servings on the good crunchy snacks)

  25. Janey L. Says:

    Since I did the plan before, I knew what to expect…it’s a royal pain in the arse measuring everything you eat, spacing protiens between days, planning ahead almost constantly, and convincing them you’re not buying snacks elsewhere, but I think it’s worth it. It sucks I had to pay for a new program, but it’s really my own fault I gained back everything I lost and then some…if nothing else, SlimGenics DOES teach you how to eat properly, and I found last time that, when I first started eating junk again, it literally made me sick until I got used to it…it’s really not a bad thing when your body becomes so accustomed to healthy food that McDonald’s

  26. Janey L. Says:

    …makes you sick (which it kinda should anyway).

    While I agree that SlimGenics is seriously overpriced, it’s really not much worse than Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig, neither of which makes you learn to prepare your own food in a healthful way. Not to mention, the ~$50/mo I paid for my program ($600, with

  27. Janey L. Says:

    …with a returning customer discount, to loose ~120lbs in 40 weeks) pays for up to 6 hours/month of one-on-one counseling (~15 minutes/day, up to six days/week, if you choose to go that often), which is much better than the cost of that many Weight Watchers meetings.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this program is for everyone, but it’s worth considering if you need that accountability and nothing else has wrked for you.

  28. Janey L. Says:

    P.S. Sorry for all the different posts, stupid phone doesn’t seem to like this text box :)

  29. Teresa Says:

    I started this program in June with a weight loss goal of 175 pounds. As of today, I am now down 66.6 pounds. (At first, that freaked me out, but, HEY! I’ll take it!!) Yes, we’ve established it is expensive. I don’t have a lot of money, so I go to The Vitamin Shoppe and buy Metabrodrene Diet for $16.95. They also have several EFA’s to choose from. This last time I bought TwinLab Skin Formula, and those were like $15.00. I like the snacks; they’ve never given me a problem, but my friend had terrible headaches. Her doctor said that it was from a reaction to the artificial sweetener. Yes, I’ve left there very frustrated at times because of conflicting information they’ve given me or they were just inconsiderate. I’ve found that if I don’t work well with one of the counselors, then I ask not be with them again, if possible. If it means I wait longer, I wait longer. Here’s the deal: I’ve been on many diets, and I’ve never lost this much weight before. This is not a perfect program, but none of them are and neither am I. It just all comes down to what you are willing to do to lose the weight. Good luck to you all!!!

  30. Becky Says:

    I am down for a total of 44 pounds since my last post on October 27. I am looking on ebay for some of the supplements but will go to the Vitamin Shoppe to look for what Teresa (above comments) says she buys. I dont mind paying for the peanut butter bars and the cream fo chicken soup (I stock up when they have a sale) but the rest of it is just too much, I mean $135 for metabolizers, really?????. I did find that the Fish Oil pills that come in a 300 count from Costco are very very similar to the EFA’s and I have been taking them, a no-brainer – I just dont’ happen to mention to S4L this little thing ;-)
    I have also learned to stand up for what I beleive/don’t believe in. They wanted me to take another stupid plateau break and I declined, since I was still loosing steadedly and last time I was on it, it didnt kick start anything other than make me miserable from lack of food. Last week they wanted me to go from meal plan 2 to 1 since I was down to my last 25, and I told them nope, I was perfectly happy on 2 and was not going to starve my way to that final weight. If you are hungry all the time, then what happens?? Also, they mentioned me maybe retaining water (I wasn’t) and wanted me to purchase and take their diuretics. I declined and my friend the dietician was furious they even mentioned it, talk about someone having a fit…. I may reach my goal of a size 8 before I reach my goal of weight, and if so, I will demand to start the maintennce program. People already think I am the size I want to be and I am not. So again yes, S4L has quirks, but they are still better than those “buy all the food” products. My friend who is a dietican recommends Weight Watchers and afer I decide to finish up with S4L, I will subscribe to their program just to keep me on track. BTW, I am 5’6″ and am shooting for 137 pounds to get me in a size 8.

  31. Kay knollenberg Says:

    Yes my husband and I have been on slim4life since january 2010 I am very proud to say we had great success in weight loss
    My husband lost 130 lbs and I lost 80 since january He is at his goal and I have 40 more to loose, The program only works if you follow there plan and take there supplements

  32. Lesley Iannone Says:

    I’m thinking of joining Slimgenics need to lose 50-60 lbs. I’m a compulsive overeater been going to O.A.
    Overeaters Aynonoumos. I’m also somewhat lazy, but want to desperatly lose the weight. Do you think this program will work for me?

  33. Tracey B Says:

    I started Slim4Life the beginning of November 2010 and I have been pretty happy with the weight loss until just recently. I was having issues with the price of everything and I am pretty picky so I only like a couple of things. I was put in the hospital Dec 21st with pancreatitus. I have never had any of these issues before. The doctor said it “could” be from the herbs that were in the metabolizers but could not say for sure. I don’t have a gallbladder anymore and I am not an excessive drinker (2 major causes of pancreatitus). I am going to continue with the program without the metabolizers. I don’t want to go through that pain again.

  34. Ron Says:

    I have lost over 30 pounds in two months on the program and am very glad that I have !!! I haven’t gone in for a couple of weeks, but plan on going in for consultation to get kick started again, and loose 20 more.

  35. Rose Says:

    I have 20 pounds to lose. So, can I still lose my weight just by following the diet and not take supplements? I just don’t have the money to spend. And what do you eat on the 3 day prep days before starting the actual diet? Like what to eat for breakfast, lunch & dinner? And the amounts of each thing? Thanks for any information.

  36. LIsa Says:

    I went in today for a free consultation at Slim4Life. I was told I had to stop taking my prescription vitamins, had to take theirs (and buy them), and HAD to pay to get their protein bars, attend “meetings” 3 times a week, etc, I decided it wasn’t for me. I had asked for a list of supplements to take to my doctor to okay it and was told NO. That doctors all over the area recommend Slim4Life and I could have the ingredients AFTER I pay the intial $400. I said, well what if my doctors says no? The response, a shrug. Walked the heck out of that little pusher’s office! VERY DISAPPOINTED! I don’t have a problem with paying for a good program, IF my doctor okays it. I DO have a problem when someone is pushing drugs and not letting me okay it with a doctor first!

  37. Vicki Says:

    I was on slim4life for 10 months and lost 74lbs. I found it to be very healthy. It basically teaches you how to get back to the food pyramid. With all this super sizing and all people have lost sight of what is a normal portion size. To me the cost was a bit high but not as high as a drastic surgery would have been. I felt great during the whole diet and have maintained the weight loss. I would highly recommend this diet to anyone as I researched different diets extensively before starting and want to make a lifestyle change and this provided it..you have nothing to lose but weight. Very well worth it.

  38. cindy Says:

    I began going to slim4life summer before last and I lost a lot of weight fast but got very tired of the food choices.I was very pleased with the amount of weight I lost and felt very good about the size I was and I didn’t have to take any of the pills or food supplements at first. I started eating the food supplements later but could only eat them once a day because they were very expensive. The program does work even without the pills or food supplements because I did it but it wasn’t easy. A lot of willpower was involved and since I was really wanting it I was able to do it for a little while. I have quite a few allergies and can’t have chocolate, shellfish or anything with caffeine so my bar choices were very limited because most of them are chocolate in some way or other. I didn’t care for most of the other food supplements. I lost almost 40 pounds but my weight loss time ran out and my center had one very rude counselor who I dreaded seeing every time I went in. She wasn’t very encouraging at all and let me know in no certain terms that my time was up even though I hadn’t lost what I wanted to yet and if I didn’t do the maintenance like the plan said I would just gain all that weight back. Needless to say I quit going. One of the counselors kept calling me checking up on me but I didn’t return the calls because who knew which one would be there to answer the phone. I started to gain the weight back and really didn’t want to do that so I called back and the rude counselor was gone. Apparently others had some issues also so I’m going back to try and get what I gained back and the rest I needed to lose off. Yes I had to pay quite a bit more to do it so if I’m not able to this time I won’t do it again. I really want to know how to keep this weight off without going on binges because I feel deprived of eating foods I really like. I want to know how to do it without having to get strange and different ingredients or protein supplements that rev up my metabolism to burn fat etc. Isn’t there a way to eat NORMALLY and keep weight down. I eat things that are healthful,not a lot of greasy high fat foods, my portion sizes aren’t that large nor do I eat a bunch of junk food snacking excessively etc. My downfall is always sugar. I like sweet things. Does anyone know a way to curb the desire for sugar that doesn’t include taking a pill? My resolves always give way to something sweet almost everyday. That’s the reason I keep getting the bars because they are very good and take care of my sweet tooth.

  39. Ziggy Says:

    I’ve been with Slim4Live before they changed their name to Slimgenics. I was told by a representative that Slimgenics is the same as Slim4Life was. There is just a change in name for legal purposes. I only went in for supplements when they changed. They were right on the supplement end.

    Before they changed names, I was going to them for weight loss and lost 50 lbs. in 2 years. I did have to plop down $600.00 to start. I do think it was worth it. (My health is worth more than ANY amount of money. Ya can’t take it with you.)

    After 2 weeks on the plan, it was easier and easier to get to it. But, the first 2 weeks were Hell!! After that, I thought, if I went this far, I might as well keep going!! And so I did. I found out that it teaches you how to eat well. Not food that just tastes good. But that’s REALLY Good for you. I kept the weight off for 2 years. (No I’m not a spokesperson for them but a customer and consumer of theirs.

  40. Lucy Says:

    I started the Slim4life program 3 weeks ago and so far I have lost 9 lbs although I have not been following the program to the T. I have been trying to follow the diet as much as I can, but I’m not going to lie, I sneak in a bite or 2 of what I’m not supposed to eat and I forget to take the pills every once in a while and most of the time I don’t eat the protein bars or drinks. So far, I’m happy with what I have lost and I believe I can achieve my goal in about 15 weeks. I don’t think you HAVE to buy their products, but I do think the accountability helps A LOT.

  41. Fay Says:

    I started on the slimgenics home program about a week ago. Did not know their suppliments had gelatin and so now have supplements that I can not use and they won’t take them back although they are sealed and bought only this past week.This is frustrating since they are pretty expensive. I have one of the herbal slim bottles up for sale at half price at Craigs list if somebody is interested.

  42. GDawg Says:

    I just signed up for Slimgenics last week, because a couple of friends of mine did it recently and saw amazing results. However, I am starting to realize how parts of their program are a rip off.

    Their supplements and snacks are outrageously priced. It is completely ridiculous how much they expect their clients to pay per month. I find it hard to believe that you can’t achieve your goal weight using supplements from a health food store and less expensive dieting snacks. I just won’t buy into that.

    I never drink caffeinated liquids. I just never had a need to. Since drinking two of their Thermo Boosts per day for the past several days, I have had severe SKULL SHATTERING headaches. Like some of the previous posts, I mentioned it to one of their employees – and I was told to eat more lite salt (more than the daily limit). I know myself and my body more than anyone else, and I know for a fact that its because I am crashing HARD from stimulants. I will now only drink one of the Thermo Boosts per day – just so that I won’t have to take Motrin for the next 7 or 8 months due to caffeine headaches.

    Regret is a waste – therefore I don’t have regret or buyer’s remorse on the few hundred I spent on signing up. I consider it the money I would have paid for months and months of a gym membership I would have rarely used – because being overweight and going to the gym can be beyond discouraging. I intend to get what I want out of this diet plan, and I know that the Slimgenics employees (no matter how brainwashed they are) are there with the best of intentions to help me through a less than desirable eating plan. Though I will say that it makes me uncomfortable that they wear scrubs, as if they are health care workers. They are nothing of the sort.

  43. Remorseful Says:

    Having been a “weight loss counselor”, I can shed some insight into Slimgenics practices. The requirement of three times a week “counseling” is to increase traffic into the center to increase sales opportunities and revenue for the center. If you do not come into the center for your “counseling” it is a requirement of each counselor to “care call” 65 clients a week to increase traffic into the center. Each counselor is required to “floor sell” at every client visit, as anyone who has signed up has witnessed at each visit.
    As for the previous comment about being “brain washed” and wearing scrubs to give the illusion of being a health care worker, It is true, but also a requirement for employment by Slimgenics. There is a very high turn around of employees (myself being one of them), because of the guilt of taking advantage of desperate people, and numerous ridiculous veiled sales methods we had to endure for the sake of company profit.
    To all of the wonderful people I had to deceive for income…. I am so sorry.

  44. Bryan Says:

    I decided to try Slimgenics based off of local commercials here in the Denver area. I read all of the above and then more online and was pretty apprehensive but decided to give it a try anyways. I have a high stress job with crazy hours and long periods of sedintary activity or lack thereof. Nothing, including long workouts, had worked for me at this point and while I was not huge, I was steadily creeping upward in weight by a couple of pounds a year until I turned 40 this year and realized that at 229 I was the heaviest i’ve ever been. Now to the plan. yes is is very expensive – I tried it anyways (see above where nothing else worked)- for me the results have been great in the wieght loss section. I am down to my goal weight of 190 in 2/3’s of the time given. I’m now in the balance phase so it will be interesting to see if I can keep it off. The eating educational part was very good for me and the Staff at my local office were fine until a recent shift in personnel brought a few overy pushy and annoying gals in. Since what I do for a living (main job is law enforcement and side job is a heavy metal band :) )seems to keep the newbies fairly intimidated in terms of confrontations in the office it hasn’t effected me much but my wife is going crazy with the pushy and argumentative females. Additionally one of these seems to be pretty uniformed about products outside of her realm of experience . That being said the program worked for me and I am now shopping around for cheaper supplements and finding them. My wife however is very frustrated with the plan and the new people in the office so we’ll see how that works out. If you do decide to do this make sure you can afford at least 500 to start the program and after that paying at least 200 a months for supplements plus thermo boosts (bout 20 bucks a week for two people) and thermo snacks (bout 15 bucks a box of 7).

  45. ErinL Says:

    WOW Remorseful – I really got a LOT of good info from your post. It makes me feel better for doing this plan on my own and not going into the centers. I started thinking that I might not be able to do this if I don’t keep myself accountable by going in but if they’re just encouraging you to go just for sales numbers, then I’m OUT. I’m starting the plan TOMORROW for the first time, and I’m SUPER excited. I have 30 pounds of baby weight to lose and I’m determined to get this off. I bought the SAME supplements at GNC and the protein bars for the twice a day snacks. I’m excited to get this weight off but more importantly – KEEP IT OFF!!! :)

  46. Tmo Says:

    I have now read almost all of these reviews and I got to say…really? There are some good, but a lot of really seriously unhappy people posting here. I did Slim4life over 5 years ago and it worked got off 75 pounds, I paid the upfront cost, did the counseling, bought the supplements, all my choice. The cost was worth it.

    I had kids a couple years back and gained some serious kid weight (i’m a guy, so it was mostly just eating crap not actual baby weight). Now I am back on the program, but on my own, although I use their supplements.

    So here’s the deal, this program works, gets you back on eating the right way with balanced food group servings. The cost…when compared to what I would spend on crappy food, eating out, and $2 to 3 bucks for Starbucks every day…I always come out ahead. I save boatloads of money by actually eating what’s good for me and when I go out I eat extremely sensibly, cause I’m trying to lose weight. And you know what I am relearning good habits again.

    The $16 for 7 of the supplements, that’s not even one dinner out before getting back on the diet. You need 2 supplements a day, so $32 bucks a week, so what.

    Here’s the biggest plus of paying for this program…accountability. Sure I can do it by myself now, but my first time…plunking down some cash and going to 1-on-1 counseling at least 3 times a week…kept me honest. Did they try to sell me stuff? Yeah, but so what. They are a business. Jenny Craig is a business. Weight Watchers is a multi-million dollar business…the south beach diet author is a multi-millionaire, pharmacuetical companies are crazy rich.

    Losing weight is friggin’ hard, I couldn’t do it myself the first time. They helped me. It worked. It may not for you. But in the end it all winds up being personal responsibility, not the cost, the plan, or the sales people, it’s up to you. Make it what you want it to be.

    If you got the money join, if not don’t. But claiming rip off or the crappy staff is to blame for not losing weight is just being a victim. And for anyone that might make the crazy claim I am an employee, i’m not but I wish I had thought of this idea…it was a good one.

  47. Marilyn Says:

    I joined Slim 4 Life after a friend lost 25 lbs in about 6 weeks. My friend didn’t use any of the supplements and only followed the perscribed food plan. I drank the thermo boost and the protein drinks once or twice and day, but didn’t take the metabolizer or carb blocker – and lost 35 lbs in 2 months. The food combination & portions and drinking tons of water are the only tools needed to lose the weight. The center i went to in Fort Worth Texas did not apply pressure to buy the supplements. They described them, and encouraged their use, but no real pressure. I lost the weight for less than $500. My husband lost 10 pounds just because we changed the way we eat. Dropping all processed food from our diet was easy and healthy. I don’t understand the comments about eating outrageous and strange food. There is nothing strange about eating fish, chicken, beef, fruits, vegetable and low cal bread. I don’t get it!

  48. Jamiescoffee Says:

    So what is in the Supplemental? If this plan is so expensive and you can buy the same thing at Whole foods or the Vitamin store why doesn’t someone say here what they are so others don’t get sucked in and we can go buy them?

  49. Vilynt Says:

    What supplements did you buy at Whole Foods?

  50. Gdva2 Says:

    I started the Slim4LIfe program in Novemeber 2010 and have lost 60 pounds. I went through the holidays and on a summer cruise and continued to lose weight. I will say overall the program works if you stick with it and are honest about what you eat. I have learned to eat more healthy and cook better meals for my family. My overall experience has been great, however a few times there has been discrepencies in what each counselor has told me about the proper amounts of supplements to take and a few other minor things. Yes, a few of the counselors are hardcore sellers who want you to keep buying more product. It is time for me to go on stablization and they have told me that I do not have to use the products during this time. I am glad to know that because I have spent $$$$ to lose weight that had been on my body for nearly 25 years. This program does work. It is expensive. I hope and pray that I will now be able to use the nutritional knowledge I have gained to keep 60 pounds off for the rest of my life. Simply said…Slim$Life is a life style.

  51. Kristinsmith0030 Says:

    I lost 8 lbs and 7 inches in 4 weeks. Only need to lose 20 more – but am happy with the first month. I love the supplements. Never hungry.

  52. Melnee Says:

    I am going to sign up for slim4life on Monday. I can’t stand the way I look and feel about myself. The real kicker was when I was weighed and I weigh more than my tall skinny husband.

  53. swede Says:

    i started a month ago -remote control- there isn’t an office within 3 hours. I started because of relative’s recommendation and success. I need to lose 100 lbs, so i’m willing to give it a go. I’ve lost 25 lbs the first month. Let’s see where it goes.

  54. Teresa Frederick Says:

    This program works and is a heck of a lot cheaper / better than lap band surgery. I have a friend who had lapband and literally can only eat soup on most day. GAK!! If you are desperate, like I was the expense is truly worth it. I cannot take the metabolizer because it gives me anxiety…However, I do take 9 EFA’s and 2 carb blockers each day. I do not take their vitamin but take a vitamin recommended by my doctor. I have lost a total of 35 lbs so far and want to lose 24 more. I have went from being morbidly obese to being within 4 lbs from overweight (according to the medical guidelines). Not to mention my cholesterol has went from a whooping 286 to 200 and my triglycerides have went from 160 to 144). I still have a little ways to go on getting them in normal range but have done all this in less than a year. Both of my doctors have been VERY impressed with my results and I feel like it is saving me from a lifetime of health problems. It is not an easy program because you cannot have a lot of sauces. It makes eating out a little bit of a challenge but I really feel like its worth it. I also order my “snacks” through dietdirect.com which saves me money.

    I love most the counselors, I can vent my frustrations and cry on their shoulder and they always point me back to being healthier and doing it for the long haul… Being thin is a way of life, not just momentary. Plus, they let me know we all make mistakes but mistakes are not the end of the road.

    Best Wishes to anyway who is looking to lose.

  55. Chess61 Says:

    I, too, did the Slim4Life plan and became very ill. I kept telling the counselors that I was tired, holding a tremdous about of fluid and felt like I had swallowed a golf ball. I was told to drink more water and take more “Uraslim” (basically a water pill.) I found out that the main pill had Bitter orange as one of it’s main ingredient and that I am HIGHLY allergic to this herb. It took a few weeks to get this out of my system and I quit the program. I joined a gym, hired a dietian and a trainer and have lost more weight, inches and fat off my body than I have lost in the past. I feel wonderful and it has cost me only the membership of my local community center ($23.00 per month) this compared to the $2,657. it cost me at Slim4Life (for three months). I didn’t finish the program. thank GOD. I do have a lot of left over suppliments that I keep to show how stupid I was for believeing in this program!

  56. guest Says:

    I think that several people have had some misunderstanding of the program. You are NOT required to purchase any of the supplements, only snacks (2 per week, $16/box). And let me tell you, 55 lbs and 26 weeks later, you don’t need those supplements to lose the weight. Just stick to the plan and the weight will come off.

    As a natural heatlh physician, I personally can’t advocate any of the supplements that they recommend, aside from the EFA’s (which you can purchase cheaper at Vitamin Cottage or Whole Foods). I always suggest that my patients take a quality multi-vitamin and EFA’s daily. These will support your health. But taking stimulants in the kind of concentration that they come in these supplements is not good for health, and can create many adverse reactions. Even though the program has worked well for me, I feel like I have an advantage by knowing what I know about supplement use. I realize that the general public doesn’t know alot about those supps and will just take them (and PAY for them!), thinking that they’re going to help them get where they want to be. Not true. If there was one thing about the program I could change, that would be it. I wish I could advocate for the many consumers who are purchasing those unhealthy, stimulant supplements.

  57. Lexibone Says:

    I have been a slimgenics member for just over 3 months and have lost 34 pounds. The reviews online are TERRIBLE and I’m really happy I didnt read them before I joined. I love slimgenics. You go there to lose weight, if it were easy and non-time consuming everyone would be skinny… it’s not. You need to cook healthier, follow portion sizes, keep the right foods on hand. It’s a lifestyle. No, the “councelors” arent certified – but who said they were? Yes, the suppliments are expensive – I buy similar brands from other companies for a fraction of the cost and have since the bottom of my first bottle. Who ever thinks the councelors are pushy need to learn to push back. They ask if you need product at the end of your visit – thats it. They work on commission, of course they’re going to ask if you need anything! I’ll be sticking with the program and cannot say anything bad about it, except I cannot believe I hadnt heard of it before I joined… I could have been skinny years ago!

  58. Bob Saget Says:

    I Googled “Metabolizer” and “anxiety” because I am having major anxiety issues when taking the Slim4Life herb pills. It looks like the comment has been removed, I guess by the blog creator to further Slim4Life’s position, but I need to know about this. Has anyone else had this side-effect (other than the person whose comment got removed)? Please answer before this comment gets removed :(

  59. Paula Says:

    I too signed up for SlimGenics. I am actually on my 2nd day of “prep phase”. I do feel it will be challenging but I did lose 1.5 lbs in one day. I am amazed. I am not hungry but cant wait until Prep Phase is over. I did find that the snacks and products are over priced. I am only going to buy what is required for the program and will buy the rest from DIRECTDIET.COM. It is the absolute same products but cheaper. Some almost 50%. But I think it will work for the most part. Though I am going to miss cheese. :( Good luck to all that are on the program. Love the Orange ThermoBoost!!

  60. Slocke Says:

    I just started The Slim4Life program and am finding it difficult unless you get the food in the house immediately. As for the supplements, I have thought about locating them else where. I looked on DIRECTDIET.COM but am not sure how to get to the right supplements. Can you advise?

  61. Slocke Says:

    Where on DIRECTDIET.COM can you get the supplements?

  62. Yamayabybay Says:

    What supplements did you buy, and did you find any good alternative protein snacks?

  63. PV Says:

    @Becky- Did your friend even take it during the first month of the program at all. I just join and was thinking I wasn’t going to take any of the pill that they hae given me and just follow the food diet and workout along with just eating the bar that was part of the requirment.

  64. PV Says:

    So how are you doing now? I am sure you are done by now. I just start the program and was thinking I wasn’t going to eat any of the pills and just stick to the diet and bar? Do you think that will work. Did you eat the pills throughout the programs at all.

  65. Sue Says:

    Well, ya know what? It’s expensive. So what? You pay up front. Because of that, I don’t want to quit or screw up, because I paid so much for it. Weight Watchers was a good plan, but if I didn’t lose weight, I didn’t want to go. There was no incentive to go back. I need someone to tell me what I’m doing wrong. I thought I knew, I thought I knew alot about food, I thought I knew how to make good choices at restaurants. I don’t want to EVER go to a restaurant AGAIN! Their food is SALTED like crazy. Think you are making correct choices? Take Applebees under 550 meal. More salt than I need in a day. Frozen entrees — SALT, canned food SALT. Well, I’m losing weight, My husband is losing weight. It works. But you HAVE TO WANT TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE. My husband is getting off his BP and diabetes meds. YOU HAVE TO WANT IT.

  66. Bettyrues Says:

    I lost 40 Lbs with slim for life. After I reached my goal weight it was hard to stay their. But what makes you lose is the Metabolizer and Carb Blocker . Another thing is don’t stop drink water . Lemon, Minute maid juice in your water will also help you to lose. And use
    Apple Cidar Vinigar in Salads.

  67. Colby Says:

    Which snacks on diet direct are comparable to the slimgenics ones?

  68. Colby Says:

    Which snacks on diet direct are comparable to the slimgenics ones?

  69. Quallycat2008 Says:

    What supplement did u buy?

  70. Virginia Says:

    Could you tell me the web-site to get the protein snack bars and drinks?

  71. Alexandria_chavez03 Says:

    that is exactly how i feel!!

  72. Cassie Megan Says:

    I agree. I just started and have already lost more than I’ve been able to doing anything else. The people at the one I go to are great and very helpful. They keep me accountable. It is VERY expensive, but we are looking into cheaper alternatives for the supplements and still love it.

  73. Adena Amparano Says:

    do you use the Morton lite salt? if so try adding a little more.. salt has potassium. The body needs it or else you will get dizzy and have headaches.

  74. Debbie Reddehase Says:

    I’m on the plan for the fifth time and this time I’m keeping the weight off. It’s a lifestyle change. If you want to eat carbs and you know you can’t then be aware. I just signed up for 8 more weeks, working down to my ideal weight and no longer overweight. I don’t have any complaints, they recommend exercise but it is not required. Faithful followers of the plan will lose 2 to 3 pounds per week. I’d pay whatever it costs because I really like the accountability. I will continue to recommend this program to anyone who is finally ready to make a lifestyle change.

  75. Derek Says:

    I am a slim4life customer. I started the program 6 weeks ago and have lost 40 lbs. This plan IS expensive. However, for me that is what I needed. I personally think the expense is part of the plan. If you are investing that much money, well, then you may as well follow through with it. I personally hate spending money, so by me joining this plan, I have been extremely dedicated to following it exactly, and I have lost multiple inches and 40 lbs. For the majority of the time, I don’t feel hungry, with a rare occasion when I do. I eat roughly 6 times a day and don’t really need to worry about food. You really need to PLAN your foods, but with a little practice isn’t hard. I personally feel extremely satisfied with this program and would definitely recommend it.

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