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Slim4Life is a weight loss control center that has locations in Kansas and Missouri. There, weight loss consultants offer individuals personalized counseling and diet plans. There is also an online program for people who don’t live in either state.

Slim4Life works with you to design a weight loss program that’s specifically made to meet your needs and lifestyle.

The programs are designed around your specific needs and around food that you can purchase at the grocery store, or foods you can even eat at restaurants. It is also meant to help you get the benefits that others wish to find through Apidexin and other weight loss supplements.

So are there any catches with Slim4Life? Can it really help you get back on track? Let’s look into this weight loss program a little more

Slim4Life History

According to the official website, the Slim4Life Weight Loss Program was born in 1979 and has a track record of more than 30 years. It was designed by a team of medical doctors, nutritionists, and counseling psychologists to help members of the community become healthier and better satisfied with the body they have.

Originally starting as a referral-only business, Slim4Life finally opened as a weight loss center in the Kansas City Metro Area in 1998. They now have locations in Leawood, Olate, Overland Parks, and Shawnee, as well as in Missouri in Gladstone, Grandview, Independence, Lee’s Summit, St. Joseph, and Zona Rosa.

Slim4Life Cost

The official website for Slim4Life does not offer pricing on their programs, but does provide a phone number and offers a free consultation so you can decide if it works for you.

However, previous clients have cited numbers ranging from $1,000 to $1,600, so chances are that Slim4Life will be quite expensive. Purchasing supplements from Slim4Life will add another $3000 or so on top of that. Plan for a price tag into the thousands if you go this route.

Offering three different programs, Slim4Life believes they can help you lose up to 30 pounds in just 30 days for what they deem an “affordable cost.” Online, you are eligible for $50.00 off a full program with online counseling.

The Slim4Life Programs available include:

• Slim4Life Program—For the individual
• Slim4Life Family Program—A wellness program designed for family groups
• Slim4Life Home Program—A program for people who live outside Kansas and Missouri

All programs come with meal plans using easily available, grocery store food and recommended supplements designed by Slim4Life. You don’t have to take the supplements, but it is highly encouraged that you do.

While you are on this program, you are required to check in three times a week to weigh in and discuss your progress. They also ask that you don’t exercise, and if you do, you need permission.

Slim4Life Pros

• Significant weight loss
• Accountability for diet schedule
• Plans designed specifically for you
• Plans that can be designed for your entire family
• Free consultation
• Not required to eat pre-packaged food

Slim4Life Cons

• May be an expensive way to lose weight
• Personal consultation only available in two states and a total of 10 cities
• No pricing information on their official website
• Customers complain of feeling weak and unhappy while on the diet plan
• No attention given to being physically active

What Do Customers Say?

Previous clients of Slim4Life have expressed largely negative experiences. While nearly all say they lost weight, they cite feelings of hunger, physical weakness, and excessive prices as reasons for their dissatisfaction.

You should also know that Slim4Life doesn’t guarantee the same personal counselor with each consultation. Instead, there is a rotating staff and some customers have even complained of a high turnover rate with employees.

Slim4Life may also be inconvenient if you have a busy lifestyle. The three-times-per-week trips usually take between 20 to 30 minutes, and that time adds up—especially when you have other commitments.

Customers also say the Slim4Life diet plans customized for them were far too strict too quickly. Despite being advertised as a versatile plan that allows you to eat your favorite foods, many people say that eating out was impossibility and structuring their weekly eating schedule was frustrating and difficult. For people on the go, this is a close to impossible requirement.

Overall Impression

Slim4Life is not a program that offers a plan that is designed with both a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine in mind, but rather just a healthy diet. Of course, there are ways to lose a few pounds quickly, but this type of system is meant for a more permanent lifestyle change.

If you’re an individual who’s looking for a program that encompasses both, Slim4Life probably isn’t the best option for you. Although Slim4Life will work with you to lose weight by only eating better, Slim4Life will not provide you with consultation on exercise.

As many people know, for most individuals, the best way to lose weight is to eat a healthy diet and participate in a regular exercise routine to both slim down and tone your body. If that’s something you’re looking for, a membership to a gym would probably be more beneficial along with seeing a nutritionist to help you with better eating choices.

However, if you’re an individual who solely needs assistance in meal plans that are healthy and will aid you in weight loss, Slim4Life is a good option because the plans will be specifically designed for your needs. However, make sure you have the time and the will power, because Slim4Life is very demanding.

If you are one that is looking more toward a support for your current system, looking into a weight loss supplement like Apidexin may be a good idea as well.

  • Kristinsmith0030

    I lost 8 lbs and 7 inches in 4 weeks. Only need to lose 20 more – but am happy with the first month. I love the supplements. Never hungry.

  • Melnee

    I am going to sign up for slim4life on Monday. I can’t stand the way I look and feel about myself. The real kicker was when I was weighed and I weigh more than my tall skinny husband.

  • swede

    i started a month ago -remote control- there isn’t an office within 3 hours. I started because of relative’s recommendation and success. I need to lose 100 lbs, so i’m willing to give it a go. I’ve lost 25 lbs the first month. Let’s see where it goes.

  • Teresa Frederick

    This program works and is a heck of a lot cheaper / better than lap band surgery. I have a friend who had lapband and literally can only eat soup on most day. GAK!! If you are desperate, like I was the expense is truly worth it. I cannot take the metabolizer because it gives me anxiety…However, I do take 9 EFA’s and 2 carb blockers each day. I do not take their vitamin but take a vitamin recommended by my doctor. I have lost a total of 35 lbs so far and want to lose 24 more. I have went from being morbidly obese to being within 4 lbs from overweight (according to the medical guidelines). Not to mention my cholesterol has went from a whooping 286 to 200 and my triglycerides have went from 160 to 144). I still have a little ways to go on getting them in normal range but have done all this in less than a year. Both of my doctors have been VERY impressed with my results and I feel like it is saving me from a lifetime of health problems. It is not an easy program because you cannot have a lot of sauces. It makes eating out a little bit of a challenge but I really feel like its worth it. I also order my “snacks” through dietdirect.com which saves me money.

    I love most the counselors, I can vent my frustrations and cry on their shoulder and they always point me back to being healthier and doing it for the long haul… Being thin is a way of life, not just momentary. Plus, they let me know we all make mistakes but mistakes are not the end of the road.

    Best Wishes to anyway who is looking to lose.

  • Chess61

    I, too, did the Slim4Life plan and became very ill. I kept telling the counselors that I was tired, holding a tremdous about of fluid and felt like I had swallowed a golf ball. I was told to drink more water and take more “Uraslim” (basically a water pill.) I found out that the main pill had Bitter orange as one of it’s main ingredient and that I am HIGHLY allergic to this herb. It took a few weeks to get this out of my system and I quit the program. I joined a gym, hired a dietian and a trainer and have lost more weight, inches and fat off my body than I have lost in the past. I feel wonderful and it has cost me only the membership of my local community center ($23.00 per month) this compared to the $2,657. it cost me at Slim4Life (for three months). I didn’t finish the program. thank GOD. I do have a lot of left over suppliments that I keep to show how stupid I was for believeing in this program!

  • guest

    I think that several people have had some misunderstanding of the program. You are NOT required to purchase any of the supplements, only snacks (2 per week, $16/box). And let me tell you, 55 lbs and 26 weeks later, you don’t need those supplements to lose the weight. Just stick to the plan and the weight will come off.

    As a natural heatlh physician, I personally can’t advocate any of the supplements that they recommend, aside from the EFA’s (which you can purchase cheaper at Vitamin Cottage or Whole Foods). I always suggest that my patients take a quality multi-vitamin and EFA’s daily. These will support your health. But taking stimulants in the kind of concentration that they come in these supplements is not good for health, and can create many adverse reactions. Even though the program has worked well for me, I feel like I have an advantage by knowing what I know about supplement use. I realize that the general public doesn’t know alot about those supps and will just take them (and PAY for them!), thinking that they’re going to help them get where they want to be. Not true. If there was one thing about the program I could change, that would be it. I wish I could advocate for the many consumers who are purchasing those unhealthy, stimulant supplements.

  • Lexibone

    I have been a slimgenics member for just over 3 months and have lost 34 pounds. The reviews online are TERRIBLE and I’m really happy I didnt read them before I joined. I love slimgenics. You go there to lose weight, if it were easy and non-time consuming everyone would be skinny… it’s not. You need to cook healthier, follow portion sizes, keep the right foods on hand. It’s a lifestyle. No, the “councelors” arent certified – but who said they were? Yes, the suppliments are expensive – I buy similar brands from other companies for a fraction of the cost and have since the bottom of my first bottle. Who ever thinks the councelors are pushy need to learn to push back. They ask if you need product at the end of your visit – thats it. They work on commission, of course they’re going to ask if you need anything! I’ll be sticking with the program and cannot say anything bad about it, except I cannot believe I hadnt heard of it before I joined… I could have been skinny years ago!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SYEHU7MRIXVND3VM6AOJQKUQLY Bob Saget

    I Googled “Metabolizer” and “anxiety” because I am having major anxiety issues when taking the Slim4Life herb pills. It looks like the comment has been removed, I guess by the blog creator to further Slim4Life’s position, but I need to know about this. Has anyone else had this side-effect (other than the person whose comment got removed)? Please answer before this comment gets removed :(

  • Paula

    I too signed up for SlimGenics. I am actually on my 2nd day of “prep phase”. I do feel it will be challenging but I did lose 1.5 lbs in one day. I am amazed. I am not hungry but cant wait until Prep Phase is over. I did find that the snacks and products are over priced. I am only going to buy what is required for the program and will buy the rest from DIRECTDIET.COM. It is the absolute same products but cheaper. Some almost 50%. But I think it will work for the most part. Though I am going to miss cheese. :( Good luck to all that are on the program. Love the Orange ThermoBoost!!

  • Slocke

    I just started The Slim4Life program and am finding it difficult unless you get the food in the house immediately. As for the supplements, I have thought about locating them else where. I looked on DIRECTDIET.COM but am not sure how to get to the right supplements. Can you advise?

  • Slocke

    Where on DIRECTDIET.COM can you get the supplements?

  • Yamayabybay

    What supplements did you buy, and did you find any good alternative protein snacks?

  • PV

    @Becky- Did your friend even take it during the first month of the program at all. I just join and was thinking I wasn’t going to take any of the pill that they hae given me and just follow the food diet and workout along with just eating the bar that was part of the requirment.

  • PV

    So how are you doing now? I am sure you are done by now. I just start the program and was thinking I wasn’t going to eat any of the pills and just stick to the diet and bar? Do you think that will work. Did you eat the pills throughout the programs at all.

  • Sue

    Well, ya know what? It’s expensive. So what? You pay up front. Because of that, I don’t want to quit or screw up, because I paid so much for it. Weight Watchers was a good plan, but if I didn’t lose weight, I didn’t want to go. There was no incentive to go back. I need someone to tell me what I’m doing wrong. I thought I knew, I thought I knew alot about food, I thought I knew how to make good choices at restaurants. I don’t want to EVER go to a restaurant AGAIN! Their food is SALTED like crazy. Think you are making correct choices? Take Applebees under 550 meal. More salt than I need in a day. Frozen entrees — SALT, canned food SALT. Well, I’m losing weight, My husband is losing weight. It works. But you HAVE TO WANT TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE. My husband is getting off his BP and diabetes meds. YOU HAVE TO WANT IT.

  • Bettyrues

    I lost 40 Lbs with slim for life. After I reached my goal weight it was hard to stay their. But what makes you lose is the Metabolizer and Carb Blocker . Another thing is don’t stop drink water . Lemon, Minute maid juice in your water will also help you to lose. And use
    Apple Cidar Vinigar in Salads.

  • Colby

    Which snacks on diet direct are comparable to the slimgenics ones?

  • Colby

    Which snacks on diet direct are comparable to the slimgenics ones?

  • Quallycat2008

    What supplement did u buy?

  • Virginia

    Could you tell me the web-site to get the protein snack bars and drinks?

  • Alexandria_chavez03

    that is exactly how i feel!!

  • Cassie Megan

    I agree. I just started and have already lost more than I’ve been able to doing anything else. The people at the one I go to are great and very helpful. They keep me accountable. It is VERY expensive, but we are looking into cheaper alternatives for the supplements and still love it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000434807993 Adena Amparano

    do you use the Morton lite salt? if so try adding a little more.. salt has potassium. The body needs it or else you will get dizzy and have headaches.

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