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Ultra Slim

Can Ultra Slim Shed Those Extra Pounds?

Ultra Slim has the potency to help you lose 4-5 pounds but anything more than that is probably unrealistic. It claims to be able to suppress the appetite as well as give energy but numerous negative reviews make us question both of those claims.

What’s In Ultra Slim?

If we could sum up Ultra Slim with one word, it would have to be average. There are a few quality in ingredients in Ultra Slim but the majority of the ingredients in Ultra Slim can be found in the common weight loss supplement.

Ingredients in Ultra Slim include Hoodia Gordonii, Glucomannan, and Green Tea. Hoodia Gordonii comes from a cactus in Africa. It is a purported appetite suppressant but lacks any kind of scientific support. Manufacturers keep putting it in their product because it sounds exotic and it is inexpensive but the truth is, is that Hoodia Gordonii is just hype.

  • Glucomannan is a decent ingredient. It is a natural fiber. It helps suppress the appetite a little bit but isn’t going to do any wonders.
  • Green tea, on the other hand, is an outstanding ingredient. It suppresses the appetite and speeds up the metabolism.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Ultra Slim contains few stimulants and isn’t associated with any serious side effects. Some users have complained of mild side effects such as insomnia and anxiety, however.

Should You Buy Ultra Slim?

In the end, the one that makes that decision is you but if you are serious about losing weight I would look elsewhere. Ultra Slim needs to add more quality ingredients before it can help you lose substantial weight.

Tried UltraSlim? Tell us what you think.

  1. lea bencec Says:

    I’m writing you in regards to my refund.
    I return a pack of diet pills in September and due to this date I didn’t receive any refund.
    I’m emailing to your support team due to no respond.
    I left dozen of messages and got no respond back.
    Can you please forward this email to your manager.
    They can contact me via my email address.


  2. Stella Says:

    I have tried Ultraslim and had no success after 2 weeks taking it twice a day. After 2 weeks my credit card was charged for 2nd bottle. When it arrived I called to ask them to refund me my money and I would return the unopened bottle, I was told they could not do that- it was their policy of no refunds. I explained that I was a singe mom and had been laid off and needed that money for groceries, to no avail. Their customer service is bad and it is all about the money. Make sure you can get refunds for unopened bottles with any free trial period gimmicks. Don’t be ripped off like I was.

  3. Linda Says:

    Can not get in touch with them!!!

  4. C. Showalter Says:

    I ordered the “free” bottle and was charged an extra $60 (for only one bottle). The stuff does not work and the company was not willing the refund my money. DO NOT ORDER!!

  5. Sandra Trawick Says:

    I am emailing to you because I have not had success in reaching your office. I received my sample bottle and was charged
    $4.95..that was okay. I have just received notice from
    Mastercard that you have charged another amount of of $63.97 for
    another bottle which I have not received and do not want! I did
    not order a 2nd bottle…please contact me regarding this
    credit to my account…this is Criminal Activity…How come you
    want to RIP people off during these horrible times !!!! My account has been canceled and the old account number is:
    xxxx-xxxx xxxx 7662…please credit this account number, although it has been closed, I still have a balance due which includes this charge that I did not authorize nor did I receive the 2nd bottle or want it! Thank you! Sandra Trawick

  6. Sandra Trawick Says:

    I made a mistake on my original complaint…the amount of the charge is $59.95 for a bottle of ultra slim that I did not
    order nor receive and I do not want it…I am entitled to a credit! Isn’t there a law against stealing!!! I gave
    you my mastercard account xxxx xxxx xxxx 7662…this account
    has now been closed but the credit will be accepted…please
    submit the credit that I am entitled to!

    Sandra Trawick

  7. Bonnie Torrence Says:

    Beware of the word “FREE” As the old saying goes, read the fine print, nothing is for free! I found that out when I orderd the first “free” bottle. After unsuccessful weight loss, few weeks later I received my second bottle and charged $60.00, which is not refundable! BEWARE: DO NOT ORDER!

  8. Hollie Says:

    The same thing happened to me. I ordered the “free trial” of Ultraslim. I did not see anty results and was charged $63.00 a couple weeks later. I am very angry about this whole scam! This is illegal and someone needs to stop this from happening to anyone else. The customer service people are no help at ALL!!DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT!!

  9. Rachel Says:

    I tried UltraSlim works pretty good but not as good as suppost to i lost only 3 lbs with in a month!
    My friend recommend me other UltraSlim Diet Pills work better and more effective she lost with those pills 35 lbs do you carry those?
    Thanks in advance!

  10. Aulamarsh Says:

    scam scam these people they are getting away with this something needs to be done as no one would have authorised the second bottle. so they are keeping people’s details. this needs to be investigated further as i am also angry with them they have collected 59.95 off my account after ordering a free bottle for 4.99

  11. Jimandjudi Says:

    I received a free bottle of UltraslimMax tablets today, for the life of me I dont know how I managed to get them delivered to me as I never ordered them as I have tried similar tablets in the past and they didnt work so ,why would I bother,I will be blocking my account from this company ,they must of got my details from another company I have dealt with. I didnt relise this could be a scam until readying the comments ,I just wish these type of people would get a real job , instead of ripping people off.

  12. Jim Says:

    Today I received a bottle of Ultraslim Max tablets ,for the life of me I dont know how I got them delivered to me as I never even asked for the free bottle,as I have tried similar tablets in the past and they didnt work so why would I bother,I didnt relies this could be a scam until reading the comments .I will be putting a block on my account from this company as my details must have been past on….I wish people like this would get a real job instead of ripping people off .

  13. Ladydi161 Says:

    Today I received the 2nd bottle of UltraslimMax. I did not order the first bottle. I now have two unopened bottles that I am returning by mail to your company. DO NOT SEND ANY MORE. I AM NOTIFYING ALL MY CREDIT CARDS NOT TO EXCEPT ANY CHARGES FROM YOU. Please in the future do not send me any more free stuff. I don’t know how I got on your mailing list so please take me off.

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